Picture of Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS

Inline5 turbo
305 ps (301 bhp)
440 Nm (325 lb-ft)
1467 kg (3234 lbs)
208 ps / tonne
Picture of VW Golf R (Mk VI)

VW Golf R (Mk VI)

Inline4 16V DOHC turbo
271 ps (267 bhp)
350 Nm (258 lb-ft)
1446 kg (3188 lbs)
187 ps / tonne


  Focus RSGolf R
Top speed 263 kph (163 mph)250 kph (155 mph)
0 - 40 kph 2.0 s1.4 s
0 - 100 kph 5.8 s5.2 s
0 - 200 kph 21.1 s22.7 s
0 - 100 mph 13.0 s12.5 s
Est. 1/8 mile 9.6 s @ 85.1 mph9.1 s @ 85.7 mph
1/4 mile 14.2 s @ 101.3 mph13.5 s
Est. 100 - 200 kph 15.3 s17.4 s
Est. max acceleration 0.53 g (5 m/s²)0.63 g (6 m/s²)


  Focus RSGolf R
Track Performance 10761093
Straight line speed 728834
Total 18041927


Golf R is the fastest by a small margin.

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More acceleration data at dragrace.me

Acceleration graph

Acceleration chart
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Georg  10y ago

the speed more track tests added with better results for the Golf R over the RS... you have to remember if y comment is 2 months old on a new car that most likely new data was avaible in the mean time

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FastestLaps  10y ago

Results change. I guess new acceleration data was added and now the winner is R.

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the speed  10y ago

it says VW Golf R is a bit faster. Why are you saying RS is faster. R wins on the track times.

User avatar

the race  10y ago

yep true :D

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FastestLaps  10y ago

No bullshit there.

RS is chosen as winner because it beats R in straight line department by 6 points.

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the race  10y ago

really?????? or bullshits..haha i believe