Porsche 918 Spyder vs McLaren P1 vs Ferrari LaFerrari vs Koenigsegg One:1

Picture of McLaren P1
Picture of Ferrari LaFerrari
Picture of Porsche 918 Spyder
Picture of Koenigsegg One:1
Category McLaren P1LaFerrari918 SpyderOne:1
Engine layout V8V12V8V8
Max power (ps) 9169638871359
Max torque (Nm) 90090012801371
Curb weight (kg) 1519160616711340
Power / tonne (ps) 6036005311014

Lap Times

Track McLaren P1LaFerrari918 SpyderOne:1
Spa Francorchamps 2:38.002:48.002:39.002:32.14


Category McLaren P1LaFerrari918 SpyderOne:1
0 - 100 kph 2.8 s2.7 s2.5 s3.3 s
0 - 200 kph 6.8 s6.9 s7.0 s6.6 s
0 - 300 kph 16.5 s15.0 s19.1 s11.9 s
0 - 200 mph 23.2 s19.8 s29.7 s14.3 s
Est. 1/8 mile 6.7 s6.8 s6.7 s6.9 s
Top speed 350 kph355 kph351 kph437 kph
Est. max acceleration 1.06 g1.04 g1.17 g0.90 g


Category McLaren P1LaFerrari918 SpyderOne:1
Track Performance 897488100
Straight line speed 451476473579
Total 540550560679


One:1 is the fastest by a small margin.

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n21t4  5y ago

The Ferrari definitely wasn’t pushed to its limits. But were the Porsche and McLaren?


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Freakz  5y ago



McLaren P1:


Porsche 918:


As a reference, 430 Scuderia is only 1-2 secs slower than the 918 and P1 in a large track like this! lol

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Fastedee  5y ago @Freakz

Pro driver in Scuderia

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Chanante  5y ago @Fastedee

That is symple. The real performance of a car is only when a pro diver have a test y good conditions. The Spa times are very diferents conditions and driver. You cant compare this.

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Freakz  5y ago @Fastedee

Yes, thats why I was making that comparison, to point out that these times (for the hypercars) are not serious benchmarks.

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n21t4  5y ago @Freakz

Yeah, well for the Holy Trinity anyway. The One:1 lap time was a good one.

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Freakz  5y ago @n21t4

That's true, but I have seen a lot of Koenigsegg fans running around saying that the Koenigsegg One:1 is ~6 secs or more quicker than the Holy Trinity around SPA in YouTube, suggesting that it is the superior track car based on incorrect statistics.

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PolestarBjorn  5y ago @Freakz

Koenigsegg is fastest but I like Polestar Volvo best especially 2400 bhp big rig!