McLaren F1 vs Lamborghini Murcielago

Picture of Lamborghini Murcielago
Picture of McLaren F1
Category MurcielagoMcLaren F1
Engine layout 6.2 l V126.1 l V12
Max power (ps / bhp) 580 / 572627 / 618
Max torque (Nm / lb-ft) 650 / 479647 / 477
Curb weight (kg / lb) 1810 / 39901199 / 2643
Power / tonne (ps / bhp) 320 / 316523 / 516

Acceleration (mph)

Speed & distance MurcielagoMcLaren F1
0 - 30 mph 1.4 s1.7 s
0 - 60 mph 3.5 s3.2 s
0 - 100 mph 8.2 s6.3 s
0 - 130 mph 15.9 s10.4 s
0 - 150 mph 18.4 s12.8 s
Est. 1/8 mile 8.0 s @ 103.8 mph7.5 s @ 110.6 mph
1/4 mile 11.7 s10.8 s @ 142.3 mph

Acceleration (kph)

Speed & distance MurcielagoMcLaren F1
0 - 40 kph 1.2 s1.5 s
0 - 80 kph 2.7 s2.7 s
0 - 100 kph 3.6 s3.2 s
0 - 200 kph 11.4 s8.8 s
0 - 300 kph 34.2 s20.3 s
Est. 100 - 200 kph 7.8 s5.7 s
Est. 200 - 300 kph 22.8 s12.1 s

General performance

Category MurcielagoMcLaren F1
Top speed 330 kph (205 mph)391 kph (243 mph)
Est. max acceleration 0.86 g (8 m/s²)0.87 g (8 m/s²)
Fuel economy 23.5 l/100 km (10 mpg US / 12 UK)20.4 l/100 km (12 mpg US / 14 UK)
Lateral acceleration 0.98 g (10 m/s²)0.86 g (8 m/s²)
70 mph - 0 47 m (155 ft)49 m (162 ft)


Category MurcielagoMcLaren F1
Track Performance 00
Straight line speed 12841862
Total 12841862


F1 is the fastest by a huge margin.

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196ss  2m ago

Interesting comparison. In the same conditions with the same driver, I would still bet on Murcielago.
Though, of course, it depends on the track. There are very few cars which can compete on straight sections with F1, but AWD Lambo will be more agile on a tight course, even despite its weight.

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Whatever  2m ago

Could Murcie beat F1 round a track? Just making this comparison cuz of NFS nostalgia.


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FastestLaps  2m ago

Doubt it.

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Corvolet3  2m ago

I think the weight alone would already disqualify it from ever actually competing.

I'd say Gallardos after the 550-2 would beat it tho

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Cocobe  2m ago @Corvolet3

The original F1 had really soft suspension that would pitch back and forth, left and right. It was never meant to be a track car. a LP 560-4 with stickier tires would certainly be able to beat it. maybe the 670 SV too.

But then, if we are going for more hardcore versions, then it only is fair to look for more hardcore versions of the F1, which would smoke any lambo of that era

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Corvolet3  2m ago @Cocobe

Sounds about right. I was about to mention the 560 but I think the 550-2 would be a better car to compare because it's lighter and RWD.

As for the F1 LM I think even a Gallardo 570-4 would have a challenge with this one.

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FastestLaps  2m ago @Cocobe

I don't think base Murcielago in 2002 had super grippy track tyres like we are used to nowadays.

I know F1 was horrible stock for track but the basic power/weight difference is astronomical.

Either way I am not certain about it. It could be intriguing matchup.

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Whatever  2m ago @Cocobe

Well F1 LM is basically a road going 95 F1 GTR with more power minus carbon brakes. So yeah, it would be much faster than base F1 around track ofc. I think base F1 vs Murcie could be a good matchup on track.

Anyways, Autocar tested Road going F1 GTR 96(which on average seems 2-3s faster than 95 spec in qualifying trim) spec against MP4-12c in wet track I think(though no laptimes).

Perhaps that can be a place to start estimates for LM if we account for gains with additional power and loss for worser brakes.