Radical SR8LM vs Trabant 601

Picture of Trabant 601
Picture of Radical SR8LM
Category Trabant 601Radical SR8LM
Engine layout 0.6 l R22.8 l V8
Max power (ps / bhp) 26 / 26455 / 449
Max torque (Nm / lb-ft) 54 / 40
Curb weight (kg / lb) 615 / 1356650 / 1433
Power / tonne (ps / bhp) 42 / 42700 / 690


Category Trabant 601Radical SR8LM
Top speed 100 kph (62 mph)290 kph (180 mph)


Category Trabant 601Radical SR8LM
Track Performance 00
Straight line speed 4100
Total 4100


SR8LM is the fastest by a huge margin.

However, FastestLaps.com does not have enough lap times and performance data to make this comparison conclusive.

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realstats  1y ago


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aaayy  2y ago

This is the most practical comparison on this website.


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SpeedKing  2y ago

Ha do i detect a note of sarcasm? Utterly ridiculous comparison lol

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aaayy  2y ago @SpeedKing

And I didn’t even come up with it lol

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SpeedKing  2y ago @aaayy

I know and that was the funny part lol

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hejhaczi  5y ago

next comparison should be toddler vs trabant :D

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Jeff B  11y ago

Yes the trabant can easily overtake the Radical when it is doing 50 and the Radical is going 40

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aaaa  11y ago

such a close matchup :P


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Hoppelmoppel123 11m 

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