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Can somebody add information of Sport Auto aerodynamic testing of modern supercars?

It's not Audi, it's C8 Corvette.

Still, there is a slight disappointment compared to the original Supra.

Surprising. I thought it's the same car with different badge.

160 kph

You shouldn't underestimate Niva. It is light, it has short overhangs, and on the offroad it will put in a ...

I guess your car is accelerating to 300 in 2 seconds)

This car did 1:51,29 at Mendig. Very impressive for vehicle from 90's.

Then why 7:05 is there?

Engine without camshaft, transmission without gears, doors without handles... What we will see in next Koenigsegg? Wheels without tires? Interior ...

Nordschleife lap under 7 minutes expected?

You have never driven manual??!!! If so, you have never actually driven a car... Just try it.

Chiron in this list?

Something beetwin 720S and Senna?

What track was?

And this car without CFRTPRRSST package definitely can go faster 180

Will anyone stop this pickup rampage?

I mean exact this 4 cars are very similar: B6 turbo rear mounted engine, 450 PS, AWD, 300+ top speed. ...

Autosprint #23 1983 found it here: http://www.jalpa .ch/Magazines/Au tosprint_1984/in dex.html

I've been out for a while, and looks like now I can't add laptimes. May be someone else will add ...

Track - Grand West Course. http://www.caran ddriver.com/feat ures/lightning-l ap-2015-results- historical-lap-t imes-and-more-fe ature

How can I add a laptime?

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added laptime for Cadillac ATS-V Coupe, laptime for Honda S2000 (AP1), laptime for Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet (991), laptime for Jaguar F-Type V6 S, laptime for Jaguar F-Type S Coupe and more

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