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13 years ago 

It won't beat the Veyron, because the base CCXR can't, and this edition is chock full o'diamonds!

Turn it into a NASCAR!

Recently I've heard/read rumors about Chrysler making Ram it's own brand. This, I think, is one of the stupidest things ...

It's half LR Defender, half Volkswagen Thing.

This isn't an F1 succesor. It looks old, has only 650 hp, and has gigantic G-A-P-I-N-G side intake vents. ...

Screw the ZR1, I want to see a Devon GTX take this on.

Best looking car ever

Only the French would build this. And buy it.

Nice review! You're making me wish that there are RS6s' around the seacoast. "For some reason it says "An error ...

Voted for the F50, but I'm wondering where the Corvette Grand Sport is.


I disagree. Lamborghini is behind Ferrari, yet just ahead of Maserati. And by the way. HE SAID IT! HE SAID ...

chip, a concept is a one-off car that showcases to future ideas of a specific brand or model. A car ...

I would take the M5 hands down, I would never buy a used diesel.

"Future car" is a car that hasn't been oficially unveiled, not one that isn't on sale yet.

Yes, but it's still alive; filed for Chapter 11 reorganizing (Saab's already done it)

13 years ago 

added Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

13 years ago 

That depends.... I'm an American, and I think Renaults are horrific!


Yes it is officialy official. Pontiac is actually dead. No coming back.

After 83 years in the business, Pontiac has been officialy killed by GM. And it's no wonder. With weak products ...

Who keeps adding plain old production cars?


Oh crap, I can't decide between the F1 and the Enzo. You forgot the F50.

Neither. I'm personally waiting for the SLS to come out.

What happened to the Boss 302? Out of your list, the '64 GTO.

"While others think about fuel economy, GM decides to turbo-charge the vette" GM's future cars have a better fuel economy ...

What about.....who is BEATHER at annoying the hell out of people? crni09 or Adam?

Fastestlaps, lay it off. This beather thing is getting annoying as hell.

50K MB Unimog ALL THE WAY!

Everyone shut up and buy a Lotus!

Oh beather! crni09 needs a better name And remember: stupid is as stupid does

The E92 definetly, but where's the Cortina? :?:

I don't think "Iconic" is the word I'm looking for.....

Oy, Canadians! Better bring out the beather! lol.....

"Any form of extremist fanboy-ism is retarded." I don't think the (literally) HUNDREDS of GT-R fanboys are going to take ...

"Now they are releasing tons of "special" versions of the GT-R" Hmmmmm, where has this happened before? (cough cough)Chevy Corvette(cough ...

:o ...... what the, ummmmmm.......?

"hey anomynous ive actually been finding some pretty cool stuff lately, i found a go-kart (literally a go-kart) for 5k" ...

It's not an ugly, it's just another crappy 90's Jap hatchback.

Well then, make a V7!

Neither do I. American car companies should make more fuel-efficient SUV-looking crossovers like the new Terrain. Americans will feel like ...

You all suck. This is a CLASSIC muscle car that people will want. Heavy, chunky styling, black interior, poor fuel-efficiency, ...