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This comment hasn’t aged well.

jesus christ this place sounds like a fox news opinion show with all the bullshit coming out of it. oh ...

Step 4- PROFIT

oh shit what did I start

Apparently RSW did conversions with these where they bored out the engine from 5.3L to 7.0L. Now, I thought the ...

This car was far ahead of it’s time. A DOHC V6 with an advanced twin-turbo system, active four-wheel-steer ing, a variable ...

I mean it is light with a lot of power, and it could go quite fast, but it isn't the ...

Oh you went to medical school? Proud of you!

Wonder if you could swap in a Ford 5.0L Coyote V8 into this thing. I've seen LS3 swaps but I ...

According to Engineering Explained, the rocket-thruster equipped Tesla Roadster will do potentially 0-60 in 1.1 seconds. Color me highly skeptical ...

Kind of like how C&D also favors Chevrolets (this is coming from a Chevy guy).

From the people asking “wHeRe iS (insert vaporware hypercar)?!”

Doesn’t he own like 7 ****ing McLaren F1s, 5 custom-made Bentley Dominators, multiple custom Ferrari’s, and a shit ton of ...

Your forgetting Ferrari and maybe Alfa Romeo

I wonder if you could swap in the 135 hp I4 from a Honda Super Blackbird. It would be a ...

Well it’s also about 300 LBS heavier and has a manual transmission...

This thing is a beast though. 7.3L N/A V8 with 750 horsepower, RWD, pushrod multimatic DSSV dampers and looks to ...

They should. Or they could make a modern-day XJ-220 to try and take the top-speed record.

I wonder if you could import one of these guys into the US. It’s a modern Cobra, with great looks. ...