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If I hear that another time I swear to god I’m going to go straight to Molsheim and kick the ...

Who created this:

It’s true.

Welcome to America.


Sorry, I accidentally disliked you. Using mobile. Anyway, Throttle House does the best car reviews on YouTube, hands down. ...

I wonder why the Mustang is so much faster at higher speeds. It can’t be the dual-clutch transmission, because GM’s ...

I serve the Soviet Union.  

Why isn’t it comparing these either?

Not sure why it isn’t comparing data. There is data for all of them.

Worlds fastest pickup truck.

It’s on Netflix. Great documentary.

My dream off-roader is a yellow 2004 Hummer H1 4-Passenger Hardtop with locking front and rear differentials and the Off-Road ...

Ryan, an evolved version of this “shitload” won Le Mans twice in a row, and is on track for a ...

It’s funny. It used to be the biggest thing on the road, mainly because of its width. It actually is ...

I say it’s “mid engine” with EV’s because the battery pack is usually in the middle. While that isn’t the ...

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