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Um... I don't remember posting this...

I am from the future. Currently, it's 1000hp

You guys got to be kidding me

They dislike posts to troll people

the gt500's tires weren't at their optimal potential

that's really good, but it's not fair to put it up against the corvette zr1, despite it having 800+hp ...

Chevy did it, and won multiple times. Anyway, there's a hp cap on those clases.

The c7 zr1 As you can see, I'm clearly a fanboy, but we've been trying to get the zr1's official ...

What we know, is that the 720s did it in under 10.15 and over 10.05

I meant to press the like button, sorry

ohh... so that's the idiot who's been commenting shit jn my name..

I'm not a bugatti hater, but that's facts.

The chiron 300+ production version wouldn't be able to achieve 300mph

He wasn't flooring it a lot of times during the run

This is the ssc tuatara story, not the specifics

A sports car that has less horsepower than a miata... we're entering a phase of getting worse and worse that ...


Story time! Last year SSC claimed an absurd top speed figure of 331mph (316.11mph average), however, soon people began to ...

Did you notice I said NOT THE BEST? Sure, he is very acomplished at racing and engineering and I realize ...

Verdict, low wing wins in straight line, high wing wins around tracks (circuit tracks).

@fastestlaps I sent something to you about a week or 2 ago in the editing column thingyplease at least look ...

imagine being the quickest accelerating car on the market just to get beaten by a camaro with a driver who ...

305 front tires dosen't hurt lol

@ everyone in this reply section, we have no proof that ssc cheated, and we have no proof that they ...

where's the c8 in this?

Ask yourself for a car with 1817hp and weighs less than a 720s, that's the time you gonna get. The ...

@fastestlaps where's the lohic behind the 1000m time? That's slower than the carrera gts which clocks the ┬╝mile .5s and ...

The only thing is he's a LOT more comfortable at american tracks. At places like the nurburgring, every european car ...

As for the porsche, the level of engineering is amazing! I don't remember any other car that gains traction under ...

$1m if ford doesn't choose you

my estimates suggest 825

@fastestlaps 60-0 @ 94ft https://www.moto rtrend.com/cars/ ford/mustang/202 0/2020-ford-must ang-shelby-gt500 -first-test/

Only idiots actually believed that.

You're comparing a street only car vs a purpose built racecar. How on earth is that fair? Even a mclaren ...

WeLl AcTuAlLy...


looks ugly af tbh

You never know. Also, the 5.5l isn't conformed, none of this is. It's called speculation.

Thanks for the update Javeon!

@fastestlaps the official time for the corvette c7 z06 is 2:39:77 https://www.road andtrack.com/new -cars/a15947346/ 2019-chevrolet-c orvette-zr1-vir- lap-record/

Then why has Porsche complained to the lemans athorities that chevy has an edge over them in racing because of ...

Porsche has complained to the lemans class rule makers so many times about the pushrod engine chevy is (was) using ...

Get a 2017 or later version and you're good

American cars are stepping up! First the c8, then the gt500!! Both killing porsches at motortrend!

4 months ago 

added Chevrolet Corvette c7 zr1