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@ChironSS and @mameson, that's not a * or a ¹, that's a ±. Also, I got word on a faster ...

Welcome the EV challenger and the battery charger

The point of a hellcat is no traction on the streets, just raw power.

Ron Jeremy(rapist) was driving. I think this was supposed to be a joke

Hmmmmmm interestingbut I think if they turn it into a 4 door they'll repeat the process that happened before (the ...

Super GT? Yes. Hypercar? I think not yet. For the time they were phenominal but they're a bit outdated and ...

the Lamborghini Muira started the supercar class. The 288 GTO is one of my all time favorite cars but it's ...

They've been seen testing the C8. I hope it's called the thunderbird so they go back to th root purpose ...

No matter what anyone says, the Mclaren F1 created the hypercar segment and that's final.

They mean track performance. The M5 CS may be much quicker launching on the street but it's almost monotone. You'll ...


bruh I added this laptime @fastestlaps

GM's main party piece is having the best suspension in the world. The tires played a role in it as ...

lol as expected.

bruh why did it say "submitted by hoppelmoppel123 when I submitted it first?

Remember at the reveal when people said: "why doesn't it have all wheel drive?" And the Cadillac executive said "we ...

Tesla Model S Plaid - 1:27:78 Cadillac CT5 V BlackWing - 1:28:07 BMW M5 CS - 1:28:78 https://m.youtub e.com/watch?v=j7 YqdGt19tw

willow springs= 1: 27.78 https://m.youtub e.com/watch?v=j7 YqdGt19tw

willow springs= 1: 28.76 https://m.youtub e.com/watch?v=j7 YqdGt19tw

Willow springs: 1:28:07 https://m.youtub e.com/watch?v=j7 YqdGt19tw

6:57. I know they're chasing 6:53 tho.

Lol admin is a porsche guy.

The Corvette C7 ZR1 makes 692lbs at 186mph (950lbs at 202mph). The C8 Z06 makes 734lbs at 186mph making it ...

I don't think you understand. I said that if the 488 used the motor that this new vette is using, ...

I need one of these

Nah, the Merc has 8lb-ft more.

Every AWD car that pulls hard compared to it's rwd companions is underrated, or very light for some reason, or ...

Revealed now!!! https://m.youtub e.com/watch?v=vD Fw1ndLhF8