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well done porsche


facts right there this car in a few years will be worth more than 5 million mark my words ...

not really a fan of this




2 completely different species

765lt is no slouch!


whats the point in you speaking? better get your facts right and end your trashtalk from your mouth. πŸ˜€ ...


smart move from aston. with all that power going through that gearbox

i am really really feeling sorry for that bugatti that has to go through that due to its stupid owner ...

it's one of the best engines ferrari makes and will ever make imo

this is video very interesting looking at his other content he seems to own some pretty cool vehicles

latana purple is mwahhh skip to 2:29 for the introduction of the d12 by the one and only, Mat Watson!



never knew saturn even existed prob coz im from europe vauxhall and opel

well thank you for using your time for doing such a detailed spreadsheet of all nissans perf models πŸ˜€ ...

exactly look at the urus they have sold over 20k without a facelift in just a couple of years ...


this is really helpful!


well its kinda good to see them going into suvs but i would have expected them to start with a ...


switching to a downgrade


i wonder where it has gone

yep i have! waiting for him to see if he approves of the ev6πŸ˜‚

that is true

jeremy do you approve of the ev6?

they should have just versed it against a 360 or something like that not a kia :/

wow 765lt pulls!!!!

bmw engines are now more realible then ever? so that means rr engines should be reliable instead of breaking down ...

big wang gang lol

its pretty sad that they wont

mclaren really need to do a track time on the ring with the senna i reckon it can do under ...

yea like hethal yellow something i would like to see in person!

oooooo it does look good from that angle


that svj must have powaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i would say its worth the price tag considering its the first svj to have ...