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2 months ago 

shows how more power makes such a big difference. congrats porsche for doing such a amazing time

nah its ok. yes!

fax. its a baby lvn

you mean "good looking" car?

money heaven🤑😂

soon enough someone will sell their slot for x2 the price XD


wow! never knew that existed

the svj has been abused the owner is called: Mark Mcann. I love his videos and like how he actually ...

it definitely is

track but ready to use on the road cars you mean?

which one?

mclaren p1 = looks+speed

did a great job? even tesla did a better job with their first car lol

your better off buying a lucid motor over this piece of garbage

yea I saw that as well but like @lambolover said we should be able to add track only cars ...

I added this but It got removed hmmm

that thing sounds so artifcal it doesnt sound like a v8 they claim it to sound bruh just make it ...

i wanted to add the car above your comment but i wasnt sure if it made sense

yea its sad that the solus is not road legal but its fine if it gets deleted. i understand. ...

perfect combo


rear design is similar to the gle coupe rear

not sure if anyone has said this before, but who else thinks that AMG should make a black series version ...

one man, one engine.

i would have gone with manual, pdk is good but at that time manual was alot better compared to the ...

what a pain it would have been


but hopefully they actually test it for once

that link looks quite shady XD

can you even get a focus st with a auto? 😂

wow! something that is actually better then that tesla plastic junk.imagine if they make a estate version.

oh that sucks I won't be angry if it gets deleted just though that cool cars like this could be ...

qashqai was quite different lol

dont even know why i added this. but watch its going to be another flop like the evoque cabriolet. its ...

4 months ago 

added Volkswagen T-Roc

4 months ago 

added Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid Ti

4 months ago 

added Mercedes - AMG G63 4x4²