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@8ballsack ferrari's are not immune to fire don't believe me ? try buying a 458 special fireproof limitidiot edizione lol ...


i am sorry but i do not know hwo pennywise is you should try again later total kill   ...

fango am i the one who is calling others a troll ? i think they should show more respect since ...

not bad for such a car that runs on sticky slick racing tyres

too much fiat engineering is what killed this car and burned down to the ground

how much did this ferrari weigh ? below 999kg ? as in dry weight ? lol

big fat gap right there godzilla vs screaming pony with its tails between its legs

in the end the gtr wins no matter what all you fanboys say B)

wat ? another german bullshit car getting on top of the list ? lol

imagine if the gtr had 600hp ? score difference would be 200+ lol and another win for the gtr, since ...

this is too boring when will they come out with their microwaved hybrid cars to compete with a monster such ...

no mclaren cheated by turning up the boost british cheaters!!

gtr is the king of all sportscars

porsche needs to change the ugly design and forget about rear engine beetles

easy win for the gtr against an ugly stretched out 911 that nobody was interested in

959 is a slow car and porsche went almost bankrupt for releasing such an ugly 911 that sounded like a ...

jankes: the gtr is a very fast car and the nismo limited edition will do 0 to 100 kph in ...

mr-devil: haven't you heard ? the nismo gtr is doing 0 to 100 in 2.0secs so watch your mouth dude ...