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9 years ago 

added laptime for Audi RS7 Sportback and data for Audi RS6

10 years ago 

added data for Porsche Panamera GTS and data for Audi RS5 (8T3 facelift)

10 years ago 

The 335i even weighs about 100kg less..

@Derb Accoring to the sport auto supertest the Apollo Sport Mk1 generates total 196kg of Downforce at 200km/h...wherea s Gumpert suggests ...

0-40km/h 1,2 0-80 3,0 0-100 4,5 0-120 6,1 0-130 7,1 0-140 8,2 0-160 10,7 0-180 13,5 0-200 17,2 source: auto ...

@DeDe 8:01,8 :P But I really wonder what the 7:59 is about...usually sport auto only laps twice with one round ...

http://www.carsu 4-12c-high-sport -10/ Luckily there will be 10 of them, not only 5 :)

http://www.autob 15/2013-porsche- boxster-s-laps-r ing-in-7-58/

I don't want to know how much this individual piece will cost...I mean a Reventón with 20 units even made ...

@ how could you correct the weight?

@Julle85 The launch control isn't that precise so that the slip ratio of the tires is mostly too high and ...

11 years ago 

added McLaren MP4-12C High Sport