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"E85 is a regular fuel with a higher octane rating." If regular fuel means gasoline, then not really because it's ...


They are not even competitors, one is a hot hatch, the other is a GT...

It looks like a Skoda Octavia haha

Maybe hybrid, full electric would be really complicated

Ha ha

Same, it says "We are sorry, Motortrend is unavailable in your region."

Yeah, the R35 is definitely outdated, yet it still has one of the best launch control systems on the market. ...


There must be a little overread, so I guess they are just making sure there is enough :D

You are lying because I bought them all

Yes, finally an electric SUV that hasn't got 5000000 horsepower for literally no reason.

It's 8 now Might be a record, but I think I saw 9 before

"German saloons with automatic gearboxes" But this is a Lotus, a car that is supposed to be fun, and not ...

Why would anyone buy it with DCT?


Mount Panorama Circuit (Bathurst): 1:58.69 Driver: Luke Youlden  

I think 8:28 is way too slow and 7:52 is way too fast :D 8:05-8:15 would be quite realistic considering ...

It's a bit like Audi E-Tron

This is the 2.0 liter version

Because it has ICE, I guess.

When a new Ferrari (like the SF90 or the 296 GTB) comes out, I always say that "it's pretty good ...

Second Turatu? Must be a very rare car :D

I think it's the same, but not 100% sure.

"I will write a small article"

That's more unlikely than Elon Musk LS swapping a Peel P50 on Mars.


This would be such a great car but the CVT makes it a little boring

Tesla Roadster still doesn't exist lol

It has 450 horsepower.

I think that headlight looks very cool. And I don't think it replaced the F4

This with a manual transmission would be awesome.

The BMW has more torque (I think), and it looks good too, but this looks even better.

The Nevera is a hypercar, this is a sedan...


That's called two minutes. But the laptime is 1:59.20, isn't it?

Pretty well summed up what the problem is with EVs and how some people don't really care about the personality ...

Porsche introduced the new 992 generation 911 GT3 Touring. It replaces the GT3's fixed rear wing with a smaller, active ...

1 month ago 

added Porsche 911 GT3 Touring