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Oh, I just posted the same :D


It's also a lot safer on slippery road.

Budget Porsche Boxster :) Also, I guess MR-2 stands for mid-engine rear-wheel drive 2 seats.

It's AWD.

"then here comes Ferrari with a brand new 812 like of course it's gonna beat it" Well yeah, that's why ...

"Full of Porsche's attempts at trying to keep the crown. If they don't win they'll just try again and again ...

I don't know. I like them all.

Yes, it looks awesome.

Most beautiful compact car ever?

Holy crap. Just 520 horsepower, yet only 9 seconds slower than a GT2 RS.

No, not E85. There are a few gas stations, where you can buy 100+ octane gasoline. It's very expensive though, ...

You can buy 100+ octane fuel though.

Interesting engine.

@FastestLaps The weight spec is still wrong, I'm pretty sure it's 4380 lbs, not kilograms.

It looks pretty good in real life, it also seems bigger than the E class.

I don't know what you mean but this is much better than any diesel BMW.

It's funny how you wrote Lamborghini and Huracan with lower case letters but you wrote "famous" with upper case :D ...

It was introduced in 1961...

I think origin country is USA

Yep. Fuel consumption claims are total bullshit. A naturally aspirated engine with a mild-hybrid system would be a much better ...

And it's still the fastest car in the world

The guy who made this comparison:

Funny how some people think this is a sports car just because it's RWD...

"but who buys pate de fois gras" It's not that expensive actually.

He said Cheron so he's probably joking

GR Yaris is the fastest car in the world

"only five of them were shipped there" There are at least 2 in my country so there's definitely more than ...

We should call an ambulance, I think he has a nervous breakdown.

Origin country: Estonia

Proper off roaders FTW!

"that is currently being beaten in a straight line by a base Corvette" Not really.  

Sugo is a completely different track... "The R34 only got 500 horsepower from a cheap tuner, not the actual factory." ...

"a heavy 20 year oldR34" An old R34 with 500 horsepower, lol

Tsukuba is a go-kart track, with many low-speed corners, and a quite short main straight. That might result in some ...

This conversation isn't even about Honda, wtf

Great review  

Since every VR38DETT is handbuilt, the power is probably slightly different in every GT-R.

"the GT-R makes more power than claimed" Maybe the Nismo does, but the 570ps version doesn't.

Many people can do many things with their cars...

Adjustable rear wing and a few more things, but power and torque is the same I think.

I just saw one when I was driving home, looks really good in real life. Very modern, yet kinda old ...

Yeah, on track. Not in a straight line though.

lol, in my language putting "-e" after a word means something like "isn't it" so this is a "Mokka, isn't ...

Now they will come out with a new model with 100g more carbon fiber every year until 2024 :D But ...