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"AWD actually makes a car slower at a track" In low-speed corners, it makes the car faster.

Interesting :D

You can see at 4:53 in the video that the Porsche overtakes the Nissan, which means the Nissan had to ...

I think I'll read this debate again later, it's quite interesting.

Yeah, it launches very well, even compared to the 992 Turbo S. Maybe it's even ahead on the first 20-30 ...

Looks so much more interesting than the Golf...

Battle of launch controls haha  

Tri-turbo wtf

It's all wheel drive

Why? :) It's better than :( or :/ or :O


Only 357 Newton meters?


I thought the BMW would easily win on the track, but that's not the case here

I have achieved my goal :)

GR Yaris is the fastest car in the world

The Jesko, because I don't have a racetrack in my backyard.

A bit slow

Noise is the same at 100 and 130 km/h? Pretty impressive

I think the least boring is the Defender

They are a bit like Volvos. Slow :D

No, you are weird



"It almost looks exactly the same as a Tesla Model 3 from a few years ago" Wait a minute, the ...

"Give me a simple reason to not hate Fiat." I have more...

"still minimal practicality especially as hybrid" I only have one question about this. Why? It's a small car, nobody expects ...

The car of the year results are always revealed at the beginning of the year.

I guess those will be featured in 2022. It doesn't make sense though

Toyota already won COTY in 2000 with the first-generation Yaris, and this year they can claim victory once again, with ...

Apparently, it is.

lol, this car is so small in real life...

"6-Speed manuell"


WTF is he talking about lol

I calculated that without VAT average price is about 100k. Still a lot.

In my country a full equipment C8 Corvette Z51 costs 150k, the average is 120-130k...

Costs 130k euros :)

Haha, Lada has always been super popular in Hungary, mostly in rally racing, so I'm not surprised that picture was ...