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2 days ago 

Lol, those are just totally random comparisons made by users

Relatively low top speed compared to other performance figures.


2.3 tons?! Isn't that a bit too much, even for an electric car?

Factory time vs magazine test

Turbo S slow??

Is this sold in Europe?

Yeah, I thought it was heavier

Could be the perfect competitor for the Lexus LC500? It might be a bit more sporty though.


Happy new year :)

Kia Elon?



Still better than cosimo's trash bag pictures that he added for cars he didn't like :D


Imagine if the new Supra had and engine that's two of these mounted together.

Australian tuner Powertune got nearly 500 horsepower from this engine with stock block and cranks It's a mini JZ :D ...

Interesting to see how much Opel has lost of it's fame and reputation in the past 20 years. I don't ...

Used ones are very good value for money as they loose their value pretty fast

I like the Macan though.

Also what about the Urus and the upcoming Ferrari Purosangue? Those are okay? Lol

Ha, 370 hp would be more than enough for me

Underrated car. The design is awesome, imo

There are some rumors about Jean Todt going back to Ferrari next year! We'll see :D

Me too! That 2.0 V6 is a great engine.

What the hell is this..

Not in the snow, haha

Pretty insane performance... I believe it has about 370-380 horsepower.

What a shame. It'll be sad to see the Lotus badge on a 2 ton electric family SUV...

Holy moly, I just saw one of these

Is it naturally aspirated?

Looks cool

Every sporty Polo has a 2 liter engine, I think. And 320 hp from a 1.6 is very unlikely in ...

Agree. I like the design though.

I don't think it's a production car.

I don't know if that's good (probably yes) but the car looks great.

Or LS swap it! :P

If this is the 53, there will be a 63 as well? I guess that would have over 900 hp. ...

Holy cow, is it really faster than the Regera? :O

Faster than 992 GT3?!?

But they could use the 4 liter tt V8

It looks pretty good, actually

The rear looks nice, imo.

I really really like the Alfa but I would take the Ferrari

Trumpology, I guess

And it's just half the size of the 6.0 W12 TDI...