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6 days ago 

The rear looks nice, imo.

I really really like the Alfa but I would take the Ferrari

Trumpology, I guess

And it's just half the size of the 6.0 W12 TDI...

It makes sense

We have no shortage of Porsche 356 pages! (there are like 30) :D

Same! I don't understand why some say it's ugly. It looks pretty cool imo

It includes 1 foot rollout, I think.

These cars are so similar, couldn't tell the difference if they were parked next to each other!

The intro is hilarious  

omg omg omg  

I can Nürburgring

Only 0.5 quicker at 0-200 but almost 10 seconds quicker at 0-300?

Interesting how this car just disappeared and nobody talks about it anymore.


Probably nothing serious

How many times are they going to reveal the same car? :D  

The 7:42 laptime was done with a pre-series model, not the Turbo S.


Agree. Even though I think it looks good, it lacks the "Ferrari-ness", and it has no soul.

At higher speeds it is but from 0 to 100 traction is more important.

Deleted the other one. I searched it as "400Z" so I didn't see it was already added :)

Is the engine from Lexus LC500?

I guess they didn't want to give it power because the competition is very tough in the 650-750 horsepower range. ...

I like the drivetrain. And the design is alright too.

Probably even more reliable than the turbo version.

That 0-100 data is in mph, not km/h :D

Awesome drag race ws/2022-nissan-g t-r-nismo-sold-o ut-like-hot-cake -in-sparta-16678 0.html

What modifications did it have?

Yeah they often struggled to launch BMWs

It's 11.4, not 12.4 seconds.

It was, 8 years ago :(

I would've been surprised (and happy) if VW didn't take such a huge marketing opportunity like the rainbow flag. ...


"E85 is a regular fuel with a higher octane rating." If regular fuel means gasoline, then not really because it's ...


They are not even competitors, one is a hot hatch, the other is a GT...

It looks like a Skoda Octavia haha

Maybe hybrid, full electric would be really complicated

Ha ha

Same, it says "We are sorry, Motortrend is unavailable in your region."

Yeah, the R35 is definitely outdated, yet it still has one of the best launch control systems on the market. ...


There must be a little overread, so I guess they are just making sure there is enough :D