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2 months ago 

added Porsche 911 Sport Classic

3 months ago 

0-100 km/h in 4.49 seconds  

I think it's cute

I'm not sure about the styling, but the proportions are perfect! Classic BMW.

I really think these weird designs at BMW are just a marketing strategy to make people talk about their cars... ...

And that's why I like Ferrari over Lamborghini. They don't let idiots buy their cars πŸ˜‚

I think I was right, exact same engine in the Z

Oh, so it's the noise, not emissions. Interesting, there are a lot of louder cars, no?

Yeah, emissions I think. (Accidentally disliked)

New ones cost around 150k euros over here since Nissan announced that it'll be no longer sold in Europe ...

"a GT-R is absolutely NOTHING like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or a McLaren, much less a million dollar 80s ...

Agreed! I also like the black roof

"the only thing keeping the GT-R relevant is the GT-R's fanboys" Isn't that the case with most if not all ...

Can't believe these cars are nearly 10 years old... 😭 The early 2010s were a pretty cool time to be ...

Is this a pre-production car? It seems to have 911 rear lights.

Well, I sad "soon" 😁

Soon Toyota will have more performance cars than BMW lol

10.8 is possible.

Was expecting a 2.0 engine but still, I love it

It wasn't impressive 6 years ago... now it's got a rare engine at least :)

Such a cool way of comparing cars, I wonder if someone already came up with this, or it's a completely ...

Imagine if BMW made this!  

"From 2025 onwards, Maserati will launch only pure-electric cars" It hurts to read that... 😭