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9 years ago 

0~80kph:3,5 0~100kph:5,0 0~160kph:11,7 0~200kph:19,9 Handling 1:45,8 Autozeitung 10/2014

0~80kph:3,3 0~100kph:4,7 0~160kph:11,1 0~200kph:18,2 Handling 1:42,5 Autozeitung 10/2014

It's already existed.


Nordschleife 8:10 by today's sport auto

for 4MATIC: 0-80kph: 3,5 0-100kph: 4,9 0-160kph: 10,9 0-180kph: 13,7 0-200kph: 17,6 Autozeitung test track 1:41,7 Autozeitung 4 2014 ...

0-100kph: 3,9 0-200kph: 12,8 Autozeitung 4 2014 BTW, in 5th Autozeitung will come comparison test among Panemara ,S 63 and ...

for Gran coupe competition paket: 0-100kph: 4,0 0-200kph: 11,5 Autozeitung 4 2014

0-80kph 2,8 0-100kph 4,1 0-160kph 9,2 0-180kph 11,6 0-200kph 14,6 0-400m 12,2 by AMS

0-80kph 3,1 0-100kph 4,1 0-160kph 8,9 0-180kph 11,1 0-200kph 13,6 0-400m 12,3 by AMS

0-100kph:4,1 0-130kph:6,3 0-180kph:11,7 0-200kph:14,9 0-400m:12,3 AMS 2/2014

0-50kph:1,6 0-100kph:3,6 0-160kph:7,8 0-200kph:11,7 0-250kph:19,0 quatermile:11,67 Sachsenring 1:38,69 Autobild sportscar 2/2014

0-80kph:3,7 0-100kph:5,1 0-130kph:8,0 0-180kph:15,3 0-200kph:19,5 AMS 27/2013

@tttt 13,1 to reach 200kph for RS6 bei Sportauto

@Frankie G I'v added it here with M5 PE,though I recognized it as M5 CP. You can post and add ...

0-40kph:1,3 0-100kph:4,4 0-160kph:9,7 0-180kph:12,3 0-200kph: 15,4 Hockenheim 1:14,7 Sportauto 1/2014

0-50kph:1,9 0-100kph:4,3 0-130kph:6,4 0-160kph:9,1 0-200kph:14,0 0-400m: 12,46 Autobild sportscar 1/2014

0-40kph:1,5 0-80kph:3,4 0-100kph:4,7 0-130kph:7,0 0-160kph:10,2 0-180kph:13,0 0-200kph:16,3 0-400m:12,8 AMS 26/2013 btw, picture is wrong.

Also for 4MATIC 0-40kph:1,7 0-80kph:3,7 0-100kph:4,9 0-130kph:7,5 0-160kph:10,8 0-180kph:13,4 0-200kph:16,5 0-400m:13,1 AMS 26/2013

0-40kph:1,3 0-80kph:3,0 0-100kph:4,2 0-130kph:6,5 0-160kph:9,7 0-180kph:12,4 0-200kph:15,8 0-400m:12,5 AMS 26/2013

0-40kph:1,1 0-60kph:2,0 0-80kph:3,1 0-100kph:4,6 0-120kph:6,1 0-140kph:8,3 0-160kph:10,6 0-180kph:13,5 0-200kph:17,4 Handling 1:40,9 Autozeitung 26/2013

10 years ago 

added laptime for Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG S-Model and laptime for Porsche Panamera Turbo (MY2014)

12 years ago 

added data for Audi S4 (B8), data for BMW 335i, data for Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 BlueEFFICIENCY, data for BMW 650i, data for Audi RS5 (8T3 facelift) and more