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says the guy whose profile picture is a racist white man WRONG    

Should I've said, that nobody sane cares about that lol?

Nobody cares about that.

If spoof auto is bs for lap times, then I'll go to fastestlaps for them, because was established in ...


In some cases it's very hard to accept reality.

LFA vs R8 Spyder  

lol just open link I posted below and press technical specs button Open this page, scroll to build&price, choose colors, right mouse click on picture -> open image in new tab ...

yeah alright very entertaining now give me bestest Nürburgring Nordschleife lap time


lol look at 3:55 did he hit break pedal purposely to add drama hahaha

Thank you! :))

not worth the bother How come? If you remove my dislike, I will like dante's post then, it will stop ...

FL, could you remove my dislike above?

Roll cafe from Porsche? Maybe. At least they're already offering these.

I am very sorry dante I accidentally disliked your post when I meant to like it. Of course this can't ...


lol, to the point :))

come on put it on the front page

So 2020 Nismo is as fast as Porsche 911 Turbo S (992). It also has similar starting price of $210,740. ...

Manual transmission: fewer and fewer drivers want it. The studies of the manufacturers say this, confirming that after the Americans, ...

A former top executive at Volkswagen’s China joint venture with FAW Group Corp was sentenced to life in prison for ...

Key points – Detail • From January 2022, 100 exclusive customer cars will be built at Gordon Murray Automotive’s production ...

Probably he had special gloves for special moments, so nothing was holding him back :)

no, it's amazing, that it is amazing for you

but according to the test mentioned above, it handles pretty well amazing (not)

They are all old and boring.

dr. cosimo is always right absolutely

no wonder it's called lexsux :)

This looks like its made from lego lol :))

Who the hell said por-shee sucks? People love it very moch!

If mclaren put their Senna to proper work What do you mean?

Porshee 959 The ugliest car... in the WORLD

perfomance I'm sure dante can prove it's the same for both cars lol :))

HAHA LOOOOL Who would say it's not the same car called vw-beetle 911? :))))

it's a pos alright lol hahahahhahahahaha


The car is still here! But I got it. 50 cosimo posts = 1 deleted car. Yes?

a tip for the video hahahahahahaahaha

or McLaren

Achtung! Track only car, admin might delete the video in some time!

Must be a non road legal car then (and all other vw-911s as well). So how soon you will delete ...

911 beetle does 0-100kph faster than 0-60mph! Are you serious with keeping these figures?