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6 months ago 

i wonder when the roadster will get released if it doesnt get another 2 year postponing

remember when the "plaid model s" with full slicks no seats and a huge wing didnt even beat a performante ...

I meant that in a way like "finally!"

So dante is banned thank god

Sorry i clicked the wrong button i wanted to like

Still slower tham jesko cauculations also

420 ps and 369 torque Nice Nice

Not even the fastest f1 car can get a 5:19 cuz it is too dam bumpy

991.1 carrera 911 was 13 s3c faster than 997.2 carrera why not also with the panamera

The Project 8 is pretty much nurburgring developed car only

1:1's spa lap was full of errors if you watch carefully defo there is time left

This will be a track demon

Esse video e de 2017 chora mais porra que sua querida aventador perdeu kkkkj

Where is the dodge demon

Trident is a gum maker in my country lol

Supra is faster.

Well supra is a coupe z4

Supra is FASTER than the z4 brother

Lol nah slower 1:25 is lamborghini gallardo territory

Kkkkkkkkkkkk kkk kkk kkk

Lmao what cars/the-audi-r8 -is-the-most-suc cessful-road-leg al-race-car-ever -made/image-gall ery/6287a3d24c26 d98074d321fbc326 b369

Well its based on Gallardo, with Gallardo engine and this makes it very special. It feels like Italian car, but ...

Says the guy that probably has a fiat uno

Yeah good point

I did an 7:12 lap on nurburgring on fm4

Wait for the roadster - every tesla fanboi ever

Remember when only road legal cars were accepted

And softer

Except that the lambo is way worse in daily situscions

The r8 is THE SAME CAR   I dont know who won here but my bet is in the huracan ...

Cant corner l

1/4 mile in 10.7 @130 mph  

Imagine if it do 0-100 in 3.2 like advertised :D