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i wonder when the roadster will get released if it doesnt get another 2 year postponing

remember when the "plaid model s" with full slicks no seats and a huge wing didnt even beat a performante ...

I meant that in a way like "finally!"

So dante is banned thank god

Sorry i clicked the wrong button i wanted to like

Still slower tham jesko cauculations also

420 ps and 369 torque Nice Nice

Not even the fastest f1 car can get a 5:19 cuz it is too dam bumpy

991.1 carrera 911 was 13 s3c faster than 997.2 carrera why not also with the panamera

The Project 8 is pretty much nurburgring developed car only

1:1's spa lap was full of errors if you watch carefully defo there is time left

This will be a track demon

Esse video e de 2017 chora mais porra que sua querida aventador perdeu kkkkj

Where is the dodge demon

Trident is a gum maker in my country lol

Supra is faster.

Well supra is a coupe z4

Supra is FASTER than the z4 brother

Lol nah slower 1:25 is lamborghini gallardo territory

Kkkkkkkkkkkk kkk kkk kkk

Lmao what

Well its based on Gallardo, with Gallardo engine and this makes it very special. It feels like Italian car, but ...

Says the guy that probably has a fiat uno

Yeah good point

I did an 7:12 lap on nurburgring on fm4

Wait for the roadster - every tesla fanboi ever

Remember when only road legal cars were accepted

And softer

Except that the lambo is way worse in daily situscions

The r8 is THE SAME CAR   I dont know who won here but my bet is in the huracan ...

Cant corner l

1/4 mile in 10.7 @130 mph  

Imagine if it do 0-100 in 3.2 like advertised :D