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This car is sooo underrated, easily one of if not the best f1 car ever

tf????? this car is cartoonishly fast

Nice bait.

the 1000 Gran Prix livery is absolutely stunning.

Does it count as production laptime tho? the car is modified like the 2rs mr

shut the **** up, please shut the **** up

This year's season looks pretty good starting with the awesome battle with ham and verstappen tbh

Hey senna ur the goat

Then hamilton with the w11 beat raikonnen's record this year i think at quali

Dont care

The four horseman of greatest GT racing/closed cockpit racing series in the world

Who cares about a ferrari when you could have a gt1 car for the Road ( or a road car ...

a v8 engine isnt enough to match the bronco at off road

this thing flies

biden lost fu cker lololol i bet you commited suicide after the orange man lose to joe

haha keanu chungus elon musk child labor minecraft good fortnite bad wholesome 100 moment

Thats reddit level kind of absolute cringe

I have 550+ and i have 30 lambos

The mid engine 911 already exists its called the gte rsr

What hot wheels the Premium 2014 line agera r or the mainline 2019/2020 series bugatti chiron??? Or the jesko mainline ...

Decent lap time



The sto looks like a downsized riced svj

Bro the "looks promising" was for the performance side


good insulated interior

The hyped Performante successor looks promising, with more aero than its predecessor, light weight and extreme performance. Truly a road ...

bro the z06 and zr1 are likely to have the c8.R race car engine

They are matched because the driver ****ed up big time the hockeimring lap i think

Both are equal why is the 911 faster at the track????????


exatcly when you said that my aunt got covid and my grandpa probably has too


cup 2 r tho...

what about gtE

Why cant we add wec gt race cars

You forgot that hp is basically useless in a race track btw and


no shit its a fukin sedan thats faster than a corvette in the ring


the creator zora wanted to make the car mid engine so i dont see the problem


F1 car for the road is slower than a rally car inspired vehicle for the road