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I say ford, authough they havent got any big projects coming up, they have the classic cars that people will ...

the Aventador is the best by far, it has much more drama than the BMW and the Porche, and the ...

hi i havent been on for a while sorry m3s are usually boring but when they have proper engines they ...

I've voted twice, you might see the comment I put after my 1st vote. Its on the 1st page and ...

Thanks for changing the time. Apolagies once again

Mclarens are allways quick so it should really beat the ferrari. The SLR and F1 beat thier rivals so the ...

No its not beutiful. But it can go just about anywhere

The stats say its close but the comments sound like RWD is a clear winner. I voted for RWD ...

I think it counted my vote wrong or something, I wanted to vote for RWD. RWD is allot better on ...

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added Aston Martin Cynget

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