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2 weeks ago 

Pista's video at the start was saying 3 different timer is a bit out of sync maybe due to overtaking. ...

and when it comes to the ring, merc and pors dont want the some thing, merc only want a title, ...

from a PR point of view, only the title matters, not the position. now we can call it "once was…of ...

found a pro driver's attempts on this track with 488 pista, 720S and 991GT2RS PISTA: https://www.bili V1J341117AW 1:32.993 with cup2r and ...

where's the weight spec? Which car should it replace? the size of it seems a bit like Evora.

sub 6:40... Anyone knows the diffrence between those two MR spec GT2RS?

both will be just fine(。・∀ )ノ

Some introduction maybe? Anyone?

Well I think the problem of the GT isn't that it has a V6. It is that it lost its ...

It seems that 1339kg is its dry weight, not curb weight. And why the output isn't going up like, at ...

Here to talk about some current situations in China, I know SOME of you are interested. Some said that the ...

As a Chinese, Im pretty confused about the death rate too. It varies so much in different countries. The situation ...

In China, the official price tag is 4 million CNY(about 570k USD). Which is mind-blowingly cheap. (Pista is 80% more ...

Allegedly, MCLAREN F1 can be faster than ENZO and CARRERA GT if it uses the same tyres. With the tyres ...

There's rumors about its ring time. Around 6:56?

NA 6.5 V12 with 1130hp on a road car. Like I would ever believe that. Where is its electric motor? ...

saxy we all know that recent years AMG 's power claim is always closer to WHP, and C6 ZR1's 200~300KPH ...

This is quiet interesting. When people want their hot hatch to be more stable, have more portential and faster, VW ...

translated CMRDNOOBs comment in google translate(exclud ing APU) Do not run back to do your way to kill (directly translated) LOL ...


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Hoppelmoppel123 20m 

added data for Porsche 356 A 1500 GS Carrera GT Speedster

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Hoppelmoppel123 55m 

added data for Morris Minor, data for Plymouth Fury Hardtop Coupe (LP2), data for Ford Zephyr (86 PS), Ford Zephyr and data for Lancia Aurelia GT Convertible (B24)

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FastestLaps 3h 

added laptime for Haas VF-21, laptime for Haas VF-21, laptime for Alfa Romeo C41, laptime for Alfa Romeo C41, laptime for AlphaTauri AT02 and more

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JimHall 3h 

added 7.4 km drive

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Hoppelmoppel123 4h 

added data for Studebaker Golden Hawk and Studebaker Golden Hawk