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""small margin""

Of course it was modified. That's the only way Elon can brag with lap times.

Lmao, what else is to expect? Even 300 mph are almost impossible to achieve for a car. I seriously wonder ...

Lol. If I were to convert engine sounds I'd probably take them from Need For Speed: Carbon.

500k for a car are a scam already. Looking at you Ford GT

Lmao, absolute BS that 0-200 number. More like 28 seconds

More like ass plug

Don't bother with these fools, they only have eyes for their fancy German or Italian cars (and I say that ...

And the Alpina B4/BMW M4 will be even faster.


Wow, that's fast.

Why does this car exist twice?

Downhill maybe

This car literally screams "wasted potential".

The new Ford GT is overrated as hell. The only cars it can beat are much cheaper cars with an ...

The hybrid is a f'ing joke. Less power, more weight (hell, it almost weighs as much as the bigger Fiesta ...

We should learn to respect the cars for what they are. Corvette cars surely aren't as fast or luxurious as ...

Ferraris are usually red, yellow and black. Yup, fire colors :D

I just have a provocative nature :D

Sheer driving pleasure ;))))

Well duh, you should expect a more expensive, lighter supercar with more hp to be faster on the track than ...

I don't care how fast the car is. It looks like a cheap 488/458 facelift. BringBackPininfa rina

Both are beautiful machines and represent their era so well. Reminds me of the good old days when I would ...

Sounds like yet another bullshit "Tesla killer" claim to hype electric fanboys