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2 days ago 

Really sweet looking car. I wish it got an update to keep up with the newer small cars.

DTM for me just for the rarity.

What's not to love about this car? :,)  

And that's just the Turbo. Hard to imagine what the S is gonna do, maybe it even keeps up with ...

1.54:1 min  

GT2 more like: cheating through

Okay I just realized, some laptimes are incredibly messed up. Look at the GT-R

Alpinas truly are pieces of art. I'm not a big fan of cars with loong names, but this one actually ...

Slower than a 1 series wtf

Still slower than a Camaro. Lole

Wow, really close!!!

And only the richest of people aren't too scared to take this in genuinely dangerous territory, where you can get ...

Talking is free

8 now

In this car you'll experience a lot of BACklash

Take your time :)

2:05,2 Hockenheim GP  

2:05,2 Hockenheim GP  

What have I started...

Hyundai Ateca

Not to mention they only test on the GP because it's easier for German cars to perform on a literal ...

Haha yes. In fact, I could pick up a 2006 Ford GT for around 300k even in Germany. Still ridiculous ...

Best time to be a Corvette fanboy right now

I'm not a Lexus fan in the slightest, but considering Lexus can actually provide N/A engines with acceptable sound (unlike ...

Fair enough

The second I add a new car, Hoppel adds 20 new boring cars.

Only Cosimo would compare a 1.9 ton GT with a 1.2 ton small car. Lmao

But is it faster than a C4 Picasso?

1 week ago 

added Volvo 480 1.7 Turbo

1 week ago 

Eh, everyone makes mistakes. Remember that time when I added the Opel Insignia and it had a power to weight ...

It had a good run of 8 years

@FastestLaps could you fix this?

Horrible laptime. Thank goodness the special edition got a much better one.

If only it was legit and not with some prototype...

And to think that the Grand Sport successor, the C8 E-Ray is gonna get 550 horsepower... absolute madness.

Yup. I personally believe the Z06 has too much power for what it is. The Grand Sport has always been ...

5.5 seconds? Are you sure? That's base 993 territory. Also is that the 930? Because its last production year was ...

How odd. The GT3 should actually be much faster on the tracks considering the price and the usage of a ...

And still the 911 Turbo of that era was faster on the track, even if marginally. And I'm talking about ...

The 911 GT3 RS at #24 is a duplicate.

That's really fast for the weight

My guess is because Laguna Seca is a track like Hockenheim GP, full of long straights. So it can use ...

I compared it to the old Carrera 4. And the new Carrera 4 weighs 1650kg. Porsche don't just lie a ...

Absolute madness...