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17 hours ago 

Absolutely. I remember when they put it in the Raptor and it was surprisingly easy on gas.

The i30 N is one of the few cars that are just so difficult to hate, because they get everything ...

Hey look it's altim's car :D  

No surprise you believe everything you read on the internet.

Anonymous on his way to add much faster metrics than any magazine ever got:

Laos is just a guarantee that you'll actually read it

The Vette is still a beast after all those years

I'd be surprised about under 20 on the highway.

Wow, this car was 17 seconds slower than a Fiesta ST, despite having the same driver. I heard something about ...

Hmm, for its age and weight (and the aerodynamics of a brick wall) that's actually pretty impressive

Probably 8:55 or something

CSi Miami


Absolutely. Same with the GT63SE or whatever it's called, but there's no consistency for the power you get. At this ...

That may be true, but with the batteries depleted it only has a power to weight ratio of an older ...

Stealing that 😂

At least that one manages 70 kph 🤣 not much better but still

The car you drive if you hate yourself.

Yes exactly. I guess buyers are too dumb to recognize any number that isn't round or ends with a 0. ...

Interesting how the 330i hasn't changed much in performance over the last decade. It's like the middle child that's supposed ...

Fastest car on that track 😎

It's generally creepy when women are being compared to cars 💀 not to mention the people who say "she" to ...

It's not even a hypercar unless we're counting the BC 🤦‍♂️

The 90s have called, they want their jokes back.

It gives you a good laugh, so I guess that's why they're allowed 🤣


Same quarter mile as an Aventador. Crazy times we live in

hehe 69

The Kia did like 11.9 if I remember correctly. Not bad at all of course, especially for its weight. But ...

Approx 11.2s on the first and 10.9s on the second run. Really not the best performance for the Lambo this ...


Hey, that looks pretty good. I like how you only picked verified data, it shows your dedication to find the ...


He has a point, no way in the world that Aston is faster than a BMW M5 Competition or Ferrari ...

That's a W169 in the photo, not a W168

That's a W169 in the photo, not a W168

Faster than the Senna 🤔

on the moon

I really thought they wouldn't release anything like that anymore, considering they'd rather leave the performance to Abt (except of ...

It is, for its time at least. If you wanna know what the M8 would habe been capable of, look ...

Finally! Audi releases something other than a facelift. I'm interested in future metrics