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Honestly, this is the car I wish would have come as DCT before the C8. It has so much power ...

They're all set up, that's the problem. Guess why the special editions never leave the country and are exclusively tested ...

The track would have to be wet or extremely cold so that cars like a modern Ferrari could actually be ...

And not to mention it was slower than a heavy brick like the Murcielago on Sugo. How is that not ...

A go-kart track where a heavy 20 year oldR34 definitely CAN'T keep up with supercars with much more power. Sorry ...

Because Tsukuba has more fake laptimes than the Nürburgring

This car reminds me of the TS50

Weight is around 2,031 kg (4,478 lb) https://www.guid makes/ford/edge/ 2019/specificati ons/st/

How much money did Porsche pay to make the Porsche so incredibly fast in a straight line? That's literally 991 ...

Oh it could. But it takes a while, like in a 20 year old diesel Passat.

Or catches fire in the process

Man, cars were slow back then.

Weight: 1550kg vw-scirocco-r-op el-astra-opc-ver gleich-3506017.h tml

Damn, that's fast for a hatchback even by today's standards.

Truly desirable car of its era.

I love this website. Even when I can be a prick sometimes.

Can't wait what BMW is going to give us in 10 years

Username checks out

You brake and shift faster into reverse than a million dollar hypercar.

They also made the fastest lawnmower in the world  

Really fast for its age!

I'd have to own stocks in lawn mower companies to believe and actually unironically say that.

I see your point, but you should expect it to get off the line fairly well considering how little it ...

Speaking of stupid claims, this one probably takes the cake ;)

My guess is 6:41-6:45



Possible in heavy rain, perhaps. Even by today's standards the F1 is still a light and formidable car, while the ...

Real Tsukuba "R34 is faster than McLaren F1" hours

I might call myself an analyst, my presumptions are often right.

Man, I always hear the same bullshit. If the Yaris does a great time when obviously tuned and on semi ...

Did you forget to take your meds again, mate?

inb4 people get mad at your comment because it's a homologation model and it shares only the headlights with a ...

8.14,93 min on the Nordschleife. Not really blown away by the time honestly.  

The original video is actually hilarious.

Yeah that's another story, lol. Would take a Huracan Evo over both anyway, the SVJ's styling is way too overdone ...

Turbo S still walks it

Who the hell spends 800k on a Lambo

Cause the F12 is a really hard car to drive I guess. It can only really use its power in ...

It did a 11.7 in the quarter mile on carwow. And can keep up with an RS5 off the line ...

That's heavy for a Peugeot 406.

Or pony car, whatever. Who really cares at this point, people called the Camaro pony since the 70s.

Can barely hang with an outdated Gallardo:  

The German Wikipedia page doesn't even show a "regular" M8. Only one with 625 PS.

And people still say American muscle can't turn :D


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FastestLaps 42m 

added laptime for Audi S4 (B5) and laptime for Porsche Cayman GT4 (981)

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Little Willy 1h 


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Hoppelmoppel123 5h 

added data for VW Caddy 2.0 TDI (Mk V) and data for Toyota C-HR 1.8 VVT-i Hybrid

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evan whitsett 5h 

rx7 goodest

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Hoppelmoppel123 5h 

added data for Kia Niro (Hybrid), data for Seat Ateca 1.5 TSI, data for VW Tiguan 1.5 TSI, data for Skoda Karoq 1.5 TSI, data for Renault Arkana TCe 140 and more