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12 years ago 

R35 in First Place? :shock: don't be so surprised. :lol: Balboni and the new turbo came close, but like I ...

Whoever added the time they probably didn't think of the original presentation time. Sportauto just tested gtr and von Saurma ...

also there are two mk. VI GTI golfs...

They just call it "our test route", there are 15 times on this page, I have a newer issue with ...

some of the modifications besides to reprogramming the tranny were: Engine output up 5ps to 485ps Gas tank size expanded, ...

[url]www.einszwe idrei.de[/url] is a very good source for motorcycle info including lap times.

I made a mistake, 1:55.9 laptime was done by Mondeo Turnier 2,0TDCi,

Have a look at the Nordschleife S14 time as well. :)

100 is a nice round number.

Raceland 1050m

Nice! It would also be nice to have some other features like 18m slalom,36m slalom, lateral g etc. Auto Motor ...

I entered the wrong time for the LUK the correct time is 1:11.73

is this the car from this http://www.super cars.net/Pics?vp f3=y&gID=3&a mp;fID=0&tID =10073&mID=3 320389&l=d comparison? Everything matches except the name...

In mz opinion the best SUV. I'm not that sure it's worse than x6 performance-wise either.

The tire technology has developed since then as well...

made a mistake with the Racedland time, 1:00.60 is Corsa GSi's time.

Well, if you ask me this car is more interesting than entire Toyota's lineup for Europe.

Hi, here's a link for a track in Slovenia called Raceland, it's a short kart track used also for sm ...