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11 years ago 

What about: I dont give a *? Fifth gear is in my opinion, just a very bad imitation of Top ...

This is my face looking at this car -----> 0_o

They just ruined the good look of the AC Cobra :(

This kinda reminds me of multiple cars, it's like they put ideas from other carstogether and built this thing... ...

@Georg with Schweller, do you mean the side skirt?

@CarElitist You'll sure have alot of downforce on this! I bet it's very hard to get this thing of the ...

@fastestlaps It isn't a road car?! Sorry, didn't know that :P

cough cough not right cough cough just look at the difference between this and the Callaway LM V8...

So DKW is a company that uses audi parts lika ruf uses porsche?

Ugly + slow + expensive + ... Turks, pleas get your hands of off making cars! (no racism intended) ...

LOL at the picture!

Bug? There's mass 2 timse: 1 in dimensions 1 in general data?

This kinda looks like the SSC Tuatara...

One of the uglyest cars I've ever seen!

Yellow is pretty on this car! :)

So whats changed??

I think we will have a laptime of less than 7 minutes in a year or so...

I agree with ' the revised proposition ', but inline6rules idea is absurd, we don't want LESS cars we only ...

What an ugly front!



11 years ago 

added data for Austin Mini Cooper, data for Ginetta G4 and data for Dodge Charger R/T 1969

11 years ago 

added Austin Mini Cooper

11 years ago 

added Ginetta G4

11 years ago 

I love this car...

Good old JB times... Wait james bond has same initials as justin bieber? what a disgrace!

258 kph?? 400 hp?? you kidding me?? this old timer cant do that??!!

No thank you, I wouldn't get one in a million years...

In my opinion you are making adding cars way to difficult.

Is this the same as this one? http://nl.autosc out24.be/Details .aspx?id=1940006 36&sbs=Home

God, is this a car website? Then why are all the Einsteins discussing about the laws of physics???

That's not a car, that's a lunch box!

The 1994 version is posted 2 times and the pictures at the right are from a 1996 FTO

Ferraris are babies compared to this!

And by the way your 'link' brings me to a 1991 BMW...

This or Caterham R500? this obviously

It looks to futuristic in my opinion, I rather have an ordinary Murcièlago or Gallardo.

11 years ago 

added Dodge Charger R/T 1969