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1 year ago 

Isn’t AMG’s time is certified laptime and Lamborghini simply published the video of their run - no 3rd party verification ...

muh batteries

Damn bro. First time ever I could feel an enormous weight of the car via onboard video

... and VIR. Both used by big car magazines for benchmarking

Yeah, the car was toped out on the straight for a long time. Was Timo even watching the road flying ...

We need a new GTR to further fuel the lap time frenzy

I agree. Just amount of fuel needed for every sprint to get 2-3sec shot is ridiculous.

Brilliant move to milk some money on 911R and then releasing this GT3 for people who would actually drive manual ...

Music to play riding this https://youtu.be /85bkCmaOh4o

Whatever rich ****s are willing to pay for and subsidize the creation of proper AMG cars. I'm all for it ...

You don't account for Loeb factor though

@FastestLaps Tesla Model S success in Norway is partially due to tax cuts. In US Model S was very competitive ...

@saxy F1 engines were downsizing in 80s turbo era too (1200hp was common)

Instant classic, hence why limited production numbers and price tag. Porsche guys are smart - need to capitalize on the ...

Tried to find specific Porsche model and it's a lost cause with current search engine, there are too many 911s. ...

Got 3 cars from the list: S2000, Focus ST and Focus GTI

I just realized that Lamborghini got into the game of lap times. First Motortrend test, now Nordshleife. I think they ...

Lambo with scissor doors is back on the tron. As it was always suppose to be

Who is the driver? We need to know the hero

On a small tight go-kart courses modified 1gen miatas are demolishing everything. Hypercars are for proper tracks

There is no car faster than a police radio.

Everyday you learn something new. People are actually lazy, what a surprise!

Oh boy. Don't put Chris Harris's lap times into discussion. He is a great presenter and PR guy, but he ...

Finally had a chance to drive this one. All other Teslas are shit compare to this one. Any other car ...

Even though I quit simracing and sold my wheel. I want this badly

I feel bad for guys who are going to sell their old gt3's. After Z06 disappointment GT4 easily tops the ...

AC is definitely is on the top of the racing sims as of today. But proper turbo lag simulation is ...

@flabernat A small fact for you. People who support Putin also support Stalin, and, in fact, view Putin as modern ...

Definitely charged. Autocar is a car magazine, they won't jeopardize cars in such a race.

@saxy What do you mean roll-out doesn't matter. A few comments before you were stating that you computed 60-150times as ...

@CoolShirtGuy Are you kidding? In US its typical to have different versions for every year. In Europe usually you have ...

Had a chance to test drive it last week. It's a freaking spaceship. The immediacy of the acceleration when you ...

Guys, Underrated power numbers is a good thing. When you'll pay insurance for your car you'll understand (*not in every ...

Renault Mégane RS 275 Trophy-R Nürburgring Record: http://youtu.be/ XI2vY5OepZo

150kg extra??? damn, I guess euro conversations would be quite popular among american owners

That's funny how people will treat video as just commercial purpose (helicopters and stuff), but at the same time a ...

For whatever reason I have a feeling that McLaren failed to deliver what they wanted to do - ultimate technological ...

At least some review http://www.youtu be.com/watch?v=8 hDDBN_pIUQ&f eature=g-all-u And according to the video it's a 100% tuner car

For me, the rear of the coupe looks ugly. From the side looks nice. Overal wagon looks better. By the ...

11 years ago 

added data for Ford Mustang Boss 302 LS


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Hoppelmoppel123 26s 

added data for Lancia Aurelia GT Convertible (B24)

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FastestLaps 1h 

added laptime for Mercedes-Benz W12 E Performance, laptime for Williams FW43B, laptime for Williams FW43B, laptime for Red Bull RB16B, laptime for Red Bull RB16B and more

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JimHall 2h 

added 7.4 km drive

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Hoppelmoppel123 2h 

added data for Studebaker Golden Hawk and Studebaker Golden Hawk

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Hoppelmoppel123 3h 

added data for Dodge Coronet D500 and Dodge Coronet D500