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4 years ago 

you can see him rolling and the red lights at the same time that is a jumpstart nothing any more ...

but it is maybe the undisputed worlds most Unreliable car !!!!

3,7s to 100? come on even i am faster than that with my cbr 1000 rr from where came these ...

@alex75 this laptime is not as fast as you think the other laptimes are just not good in 2011 i ...

omg jackson i can`t read your stupid shit anymore what is wrong with you please stop talking nearly every comment ...

the f430 scuderia is almost as fast as the 458 italia https://fastestl ons/7g7rrntncs18

@Piorun till know i really accepted you comments but this time you are really not good informed there is no ...

the m5 is much faster than the hellcat look at the Willow Springs laptime the m5 would be 3-4s faster ...

@hemisrt 78k with taxes?

@saxy it make no sense to dicuss with sroser the most things hes telling are not true

@FastestLaps no one the kawasaki homepage the specs are out! h2r 310hp h2 200hp


maybe it was special speciale

@aaaa really stupid comment thera are only 3 useful track numbers you can't take autocar seriously when britihsh cars are ...

sure that this was the weissach package?

@ddd it's not a secret that the new italia has more hp than the old

0-100 3,2s http://www.porsc odels/911/911-tu rbo/featuresands pecs/ i'm sure this car will do it in under 3 s and the new turbo s needs ...

yes but who has the posibility drive gt3 cup? you ???

the problem is you can'T go with the agera r on the track after a few rounds on the nordschleife ...

@Jeff B "as safety equipment makes no performance increase at all." an on roll cage is an advantage!

i'm sure the porsche will do the 0-100 in 4,1s too

i read the new one will have 550ps

@quattroholic are you stupid?

@aaaa the 2 nordschleife laptimes are not fake

@gazz handling is not everything

i think toyota sells the most cars but vw will do the biggest turnover und profit and i think for ...

@BR2 " but for what it can do, it looks incredibly boring" i think you haven't understand the principle ...

@MercedesGL the mercedes provides much more comfort than the m5 and the panamera turbo s is faster than the m5 ...

i can't believe this time! definitly too fast

@Wiktor 5,1-4.8 is 0.5?

@Sal30 i pay you 1000$ if the new viper is faster than this