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Insanely fast for what it is! 13.0 at 105 my lord

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELcGvqSAXkg&t=448s&ab_channel=AutoTopNL at 7:13 0-100 kmph 3.71 sec 1/4 mile 11.67 sec @ 188.88kmph 0-200 kmph 13.24 sec 11.6 in the ...


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kz-_atEc8Es&ab_channel=carwow 12.78 1/4 mile 4.24 0-60mph wow...

12.63 1/4 Mile Too From a manual 3cyl!

This T roc actually has a shorter gearing ratio than other VW R products which makes it faster accelerating off ...

Id love to see a rolling race between these two! they have very similar rolling numbers

very close!

C/D TEST RESULTS 60 mph: 4.8 sec 100 mph: 11.9 sec 1/4-Mile: 13.4 sec @ 105 mph 130 mph: 24.3 ...

So really a 5.2 0-60 and 13.8 1/4 mile. Why on earth do they use 0.3 rec rollout.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hjma1s1ZS8&ab_channel=DragTimes p1 is just faster!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaFkVmbMgOw&ab_channel=DMCarReviews please add 4.5 0-60mph 12.78 1/4 mile

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoiCwyx-QnA&ab_channel=DMCarReviews 1/4 mile 12.5 0-60mph 4.2 Please add!

Thing is every bmw that rivals a merc is always a better drivers car, esp with the new c63 being ...

I genuinely laughed at this comment

1/4 mile acceleration is 1 metric The bmw is lighter, drives better, less vague, faster around a track - a ...

Camaro wins.. im shocked at that track performance!

Ive test driven one and its a really solid car - it drives well, has lots of grunt and doesn't ...

Truely an amazing car, one of the most memorable cars ever in my opinion and i will always have a ...

As quick as a fiesta st from 80-120, electrification is really making normal suv and sedan cars quick! However, i ...

Slower than the elantra N?! Dont get me wrong i love this car and that 3 banger is amazing - ...

If im not mistaken this uses the same EA888 engine that that the Golf R uses - but it has ...


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lKBTRm3vsQ8&ab_channel=SamCarLegion Beats golf R in 1 of 2 drag races Beats gold R in BOTH roll races!!!

I still doubt this car trapped thr 1/4 at 120mph - i am yet to see a sub 15 0-200 ...

Wow way closer than i was expecting - that m3 is mega

That wing 😦😦😦

Yaris is way faster wow. Didnt expect that!

13.6 without rollout 1/4 mile Motor trend got 13.7 Slower than i30n auto Far slower than yaris GR


Dont buy an ecoboost mustang - buy this instead

N/A v12 convertible with 775nm… ridiculous!

Much much closer than i thought! Focus st is a great all round car

Reallly close - id take the audi though


still just as much as the m3 manual! Insane to think especially as bmw are potentially hiding the real HP ...

Slower than a gr 86 😭