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8 years ago 

King of the hot hatches. It's super hatch.

Can't be slower than old R8 V10

And RS4 is a 5 door wagon and M3 is a 2 door coupe. Not even competition.

  Audi S8 is simply the best.

Yeah, just one generation. It's even faster than new GT86 "sports car" hehehe

Ā£10,000 less you can get an WRX STI And 2 times worse car. And your prices are take right from ...

Kudos to Mercedes?! WTF? This SLS is just as fast as 61 PS less powerful Gallardo. And this is just ...

Looks better than any other Subaru but still looks... meh. Boring and typical japanese looks. But it's not a big ...

Faster than CLS AMG S model thats good!

If you knew what they done for the car, then you would not mention for that stupid tape ;) ...

It's like modern Caterham with amazing engine.

And you get half of the car.

@BR2+ This is not big deal, worse is like same manufacturer test own car. Like japanese for example :) ...

@BR2+ R8 have also proper manual gearbox.

piorun is just one retarded kid

@Dede, prove.

RS4 without a doubt. Better engine even if does not hold the power, far better 4WD system, better to drive, ...

Did anyone know how to remove speed limiter for this car? Cuz i just bought one of this

Godzilla are more faster now but i still prefer ZR1 and ACR cuz it's more extreme while this one is ...

This thing is very slow. The old first gen Mustang are much more faster than this

Can you post the Hemi version?

Top Speed of this car when not limited is 185 mph and it's possible to run faster than that. It's ...

Whoa..... Beep Beep car! I wonder how fast the performance of the 4 Speed manual Hemi Version

This car is legendary. I wonder how fast this car can run trought 1/4 course?

This car should kill any other muscle in it's era

I wonder is this car faster than 1969 Charger Daytona R/T? It also can run over than 200 mph ...

I think this is the best Shelby that ever made. Light and Powerfull

This car is heavily overster in corners but when it goes to the straight line it may become a monster. ...

This accord is a great car.

For you who says that the BMW M3 is faster than RS5, here is big proof:  

porsche gt2 rs is faster...