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Sachsenring lap time Lamborghini Aventador S - 1:33,22

https://www.germancarforum.com/threads/genroq-japan-fsw-time-attack-corvette-z06-vs-grand-sport-vs-z51.57404/ Fuji Speedway lap times, all the cars came equipped with 8 speed automatic. Corvette Z06 Lap Time - 1:52,55 ...

The next one will be pumping out close to 600bhp if not more! My dealer told me the new engine ...

The 488 will destroy the 911 turbo perioid, what difference does it make if I liked this car or any ...

0 to 200 in 8.1 Latest test eek

GT3 RS slower than GT3 ? Did the rear wing fly off ? Something isn't right about 991 models, even ...

0 to 200 in 9,9s lol Sport auto from germany

Anyone know anything about this test ?

Is it true the new GT3 engine has issues ? I do not recall this happening in the older cars. ...

Cool car! But did they fix the part where it says 'it's bought by people that can't drive' ? @ ...


911s use massive carbon brakes, this car I believe had steels ?

Paddle shifters = Race Manual = Road

Nice try dodge, but you still can't beat the Z06

Where's the slower Hockenheim Short lap time ?

868Nm how come it doesn't want to kill you like in the Z06 ? I couldn't see it going wild ...

This car will scare the hell out of you at full throttle, so do not expect every driver to get ...

Check sport autos test, it's faster

Crazy swiss Lafefe  

When will they update this cars transmission ? It's so slow and outdated, I couldn't believe a mclaren could destroy ...

The fat guy doesn't deserve to be with MT. Send him back to the bakery.

So I had to sign up in order to be able to post :( AMG1