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7 years ago 

added data for Audi RS6, data for Audi RS7 (4G facelift), Audi RS7 and Audi S7

8 years ago 

@Flabernat Well actually... that's not true ;) There was 5.0 V10 in the originqal Gallardo. Facelifted (LP-560, LP-570 etc) Gallardo ...

hm.. to be honest, I'm quite surprised. A45 has more power and weights much less... yet it's slower than the ...

3 years ago I was amazed by the Quattro Concept.. in fact I still am. This new one also looks ...

But.. why performance and weight data is still not updated?

Of course there was... It didn't have power boost.. but still. It's official. Even before RS6, the first S6 C4 ...

It was UK-only edition (the same goes for the rest of the FQ series). I see this as something like ...

No, it's not. It's 423 KW. Btw it has normal F10 5 series interior - netcarshow has made a mistake. ...

This is my favourite Ferrari of all time.

A7/S7 are one of my most favorite cars (and imothe S7 is the second best looking current Audi model - ...

btw. tomorrow it will be avaible as a free DLC for GT5

Why even bother answering fanboys like that romTECH guy (gay ;) ?

To be honest.. I don't like it (6er Gran Coupe). Front of this cars is OK.. in fact maybe it's ...

I would bet on 2,5l R5 with something like 380hp for RS3. Anyway.. this one looks great. Changes from the ...

We will see... ;) Next-gen Q7 probably will be shown sometime next year.

@BR2 "No A9 Saloon should be, a Big A9 Coupe on the other hands..." yeah... I have said that yesterday.. ...

Don't forget that the B8 platform is older than the C7 and S6/S7/S8 all use the new V8 4.0 TT ...

Erm... from what Audi was saying it is AWD with 4, not 2 electric motors...


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FastestLaps 50m 

added laptime for Audi S4 (B5) and laptime for Porsche Cayman GT4 (981)

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Little Willy 1h 


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Hoppelmoppel123 5h 

added data for VW Caddy 2.0 TDI (Mk V) and data for Toyota C-HR 1.8 VVT-i Hybrid

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evan whitsett 5h 

rx7 goodest