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added data for Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, data for Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (S550), laptime for BMW M8 Competition (G15), laptime for Honda NSX (Mk II), data for Honda NSX (Mk II) and more

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added Lamborghini Huracán Evo RWD, laptime for McLaren 720S, laptime for Porsche Cayman GT4 (718), laptime for Lamborghini Huracán Evo, laptime for Audi TT RS Coupe (Mk III) and more

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added laptime for McLaren 600LT, Audi S8, laptime for Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991 facelift), Audi RS Q8 , Aston Martin DBX and more

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https://www.moto rtrend.com/cars/ porsche/718-spyd er/2020/2020-por sche-718-spyder- first-test-revie w/ Motortrend's first test of Porsche 718 Spyder

Could you change the power to 612bhp https://www.cara nddriver.com/rev iews/a29074903/2 020-mclaren-gt-d rive/

Aventador SVJ vs Huracan Performante drag race:  

1/4mile 11.8 sec @ 119 mph https://www.cara nddriver.com/rev iews/a28186665/2 020-bentley-cont inental-gt-v8-co upe-convertible- first-drive/

Could you change displacement to 6.0 liters and torque to 774 lb-ft https://www.moto r1.com/news/3633 67/pagani-huayra -roadster-bc-vid eo/

Could you add 7 speed dual clutch automatic to transmission https://www.cara nddriver.com/rev iews/a15100283/2 017-ferrari-gtc4 lusso-first-driv e-review/

Could you change the torque to 625lb-ft https://www.road andtrack.com/new -cars/future-car s/a28090168/2020 -ford-mustang-sh elby-gt500-horse power-torque-spe cs/

Could you change power to 444bhp and add 8 speed automatic to transmission https://www.cara nddriver.com/rev iews/a24169658/2 018-audi-rs5-cou pe-new-v-6-perfo rmance/

Could you add the torque: 1011lb-ft @ 6000 rpm https://www.cara nddriver.com/rev iews/a15108166/2 015-koenigsegg-o ne1-first-drive- review/

Could you add the torque: 309 lb-ft https://www.cara nddriver.com/rev iews/a15105981/2 016-porsche-caym an-gt4-test-revi ew/

Could you change the main photo to the following:

I would like to see what Corvette C7 ZR1 would do around this track

I added this video to reference:  

0-60mph: 2.9sec 0-100mph: 5.8sec 1/4mile: 10.5sec @ 137.3mph https://www.moto rtrend.com/cars/ porsche/911/2019 /mclaren-600lt-v s-porsche-911-gt 3-rs-comparison/

Huracán LP640-4 Performante beats 991 GT2 RS in 0-60mph, 0-100mph, 0-120mph and 1/4mile

Change the main photo to the following:

Could you add Flat-6 24 valve to engine type https://www.cara nddriver.com/rev iews/a15112690/2 014-porsche-911- gt3-test-review/

Love both of these cars!

Could you change 1/4 mile trap speed to 136.1mph

CarandDriver instrumented test of Bentley Continental GT MkIII https://www.cara nddriver.com/rev iews/a26470698/2 019-bentley-cont inental-gt-by-th e-numbers/#

Aventador LP700-4 beats F12 Berlinetta on 4/4 tracks!

Aventador LP750-4 SV wins the track performance, straight line speed and total

Huracan LP610-4 wins the track performance and straight line speed

Huracan LP640-4 Evo against McLaren 650S: https://fastestl aps.com/comparis ons/acdee24dmpsh

Could you add power and torque: 526bhp @ 7500rpm, 429lb-ft @ 4750rpm https://www.moto rtrend.com/cars/ ford/mustang/201 6/2015-chevrolet -camaro-z28-vs-2 016-ford-shelby- gt350r-mustang/

Could you add the displacement: 2979 cc and torque: 406lb-ft https://www.cara nddriver.com/rev iews/a22574455/2 019-bmw-m2-compe tition-first-dri ve-review/

McLaren Senna P15!!!!

Could you add "vote for your favourite car" feature in comparison pages

How do I make a poll on FL?

Murciélago lp670-4 sv for me

https://www.moto rtrend.com/cars/ ford/shelby-gt50 0/2013/gunning-f or-200-mph-in-th e-2013-ford-shel by-gt500/ Could you change power and torque to 662bhp @ 6500rpm and 631lb-ft @ 4000rpm

I would take 812 SF

Aventador LP770-4 SVJ for me