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Wins ten of eleven tracks and the M4 gets only forty more points.

Has a good 0-60 and.....ummm


Similar shape lol.

Win for bimmer!

This is who the GT beat for the track record? Kinda like the third or 4th fastest runner on the ...

Beat the much quicker accelerating DBS and Stradale. One Helluva driver.

It's a ZR1 and Ford GT rival and it beats both to 170.I doubt Sport Auto will get below 7:05 ...

.1 faster than Autocar got for 488. All these track cars are slowed down by Aero whilst 720s and 488 ...


1:36.2 at Saschenring even with Sandbagging is a little slow.

Sandbag non Bimmers,Mercedes. and Porsches. Not a German thing. R8 should get 1:35.0 SVR 1:35.5 and 1:34.0 for Vantage. ...

Losing by .4 to clumsy R8. Aston needs to get serious and get a 7:20 Ring time, 1:30 Saschenring,1:07 Hockenheim, ...

A bit disappointing; not hugely, but it should do better than beat a big heavy Jag SVR, and R8 rws. ...

Check you or your? The Demon is less aerodynamic and will have a higher terminal velocity when dropped off say ...

Sabine Schmit was almost as fast in a Van (10:08) as Clarkson in a much faster XJ(9:58) In the same ...

Similar in performance only.

If anything could make the slowest Evora look like a torquey dragster......

Good fight

Can really see when Hondas electric motor cuts out.

100-200 left out to keep difference from being considerable?

Lousy Spanish drivers. I believe Autobilds and whatever MT got a lot more.The TTRS got 12.3-13.3 0-200 vs 10.4-12.1 for ...

Hammond did 2:03 in a Noble

Ferrari has a lot more torque most likely comes in at relatively high rpm. Mustangs lbs-foot to weight ratio much ...

Other two tracks reward power more.

Not surprised at dragrace but Mustang faster on twisty bits.

Handling surprising for Mustang but VW has more poke.

Apparently Vicki from Fifth Gear Averaged this in a 2004 M5

Steel fist vs steel fist in velvet glove.

Quickest besides F1