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added data for BMW M 1000 RR, data for Aprilia Tuono 660, data for Indian FTR 1200 S, data for Triumph Trident 660, data for Yamaha MT-07 and more

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@Hoppel PS magazine already is added as organization

What tyres?

Another super mega giga special edition for super mega giga money...

This would probably get you banned on Zuckerbook or any other of those dystopian platforms.

I am pretty sure it is completely brand new, apart from maybe shared small parts. Obviously it is evolution of ...

Most viewed track page. The most viewed page must be the home page.

2.2 million. In all history its more but that's how much has been counted since counting began.

This is what I mean with comfort although it really isnt because of zero wind protection. If I had tons ...

That is entirely different kind of comfort ;)

I am not selling Porsche. I am just a fanboy.

Yes! Everywhere.

Not for me though. I like comfort :D

I wouldn't mind owning electric motorcycle and I am sure it would be lots of fun, but I looove engines. ...

Wow, that's a lot of power for a twin this size!

Yeah... good luck matching that kind of performance with electric bikes.... There would have to be some real battery tech ...

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added laptime for BMW M4

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added laptime for Ariel Atom 3.5 (314 PS), laptime for Ariel Atom 3.5 (314 PS) and laptime for Porsche 718 Boxster

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added laptime for Mercedes-Benz W12 E Performance, laptime for Haas VF-21, laptime for Alfa Romeo C41, laptime for AlphaTauri AT02, laptime for AlphaTauri AT02 and more

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  Why would anyone buy electric bike instead of audio-mechanical celebration like this?

Yeah.. crazy power compared to what lazy oldschool aircooled cruiser V-twins used to make...

Wtf is this? Is it like a HP4 or is it Mk III for S1000 RR?

Must be pretty lonely for a bike in Carland.

Because fuel type is inferred from engine description and it seems to be confused between the V8 and "electric motor". ...

Nice wheelie protection :)

Tough case. I changed it to "classic", although it is very similar to RR. Sport = with aggressive sitting position ...

Yes. This is what they call progress. Compare average personal wealth of young boomers in 60s (what cars they drove, ...

Or its because VW Group products are so damn fast...

Well, I didn't say anything about historic F1 cars. I am just saying its as fast as modern F1 cars ...

Imagine these straight line performance numbers in 1996, compared to cars of that time...

Porsche 911 GT3 RS is comparable in speed with modern Formula 1 cars. This laptime proves it...

What is the issue date (month) for Motosprint 1994?

I think many (most?) Ducati twins are 90 degrees and the front cylinder is somewhat horizontal(ish), therefore I can see ...

Or maybe I was convinced it was V4, but those came out later.