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added data for Callaway C12 and data for Vector W8 Twin Turbo

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added data for NSU Ro80

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added data for Tesla Model S P90D

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added data for VW Golf GTI 1.8 (Mk I), data for Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1.2 (63 PS), data for Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior, data for VW Käfer 1303 S GSR, data for VW Karmann-Ghia Typ 14 Cabrio and more

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added laptime for Ducati GP19, laptime for Ducati GP20, laptime for Honda RC213V (2020), laptime for Ducati GP20, laptime for Ducati GP19 and more

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That makes sense and seems like exactly what you suspected had happened (post author deleted post you were replying to). ...

Special kind of mental morbidity.

Its a prototype. And its not tested. It has to be production / road legal and, if they are gunning ...


I don't understand this. How did it pass all the required regulations in first place? I suspect it has valved ...

Soooo..... What about the Lamborghini Huracán Performante vs Ferrari 488 Pista comparison?

I will delete Treser-Audi. We already have Brabus and some others which really shouldn't be there. There is absolutely no ...

What magazine and date is that?

Nobody cares about that.

Call me Mr Cynical but didn't the obscure nothing-company Nikola go from zero to 20 billion dollar "valuation" just because ...

Better be good. When was the last time a truly new Z or any performance Nissan was released? 750 years ...