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At least she's driving. It's an improvement. They used to only have girls stand there and look good.

Manabu Orido was trashing the M2 around the track by the scruff of its neck - truly extracting all the ...

Modded af. But braindead zoomers won't tell the difference when the "Tesla beats Porsche Taycan record" headline comes out. /17/tesla-model- s-nurburgring-te sting-near-recor d/#slide-2169886 ...

As Franz von Holzhausen was designing the Model 3, his German Shepherd came along and licked the clay model, giving ...

85 mother friggin thousand Euros. When 100k hatchbacks? ... Mario Draghi / Christine Lagarde say - "hold my beer" ...

I am not so sure. Lower powered diesel car = more affordable driving = more miles on the road = ...

As expected - this was not a regular Tesla Model S. Apparently it's a new / updated powertrain.

Messing around with ECU is not unique to one specific manufacturer. Oldest trick in the book.

Probably fiddled with many things, but this is at least feasible, unlike the Nürburgring claims / hopes.

World needs a big front-engined Ferrari "cruiser" GT. You can have F8 if you want absolute track performance.

Yeah, it comes down to basically replacing everything and leaving just the block. And then you still call it 4g63 ...

No. They stuck a sedan engine in Pagani Zonda. It is the Mercedes-Benz M120, one of the best engines ever. ...

Business as usual for Silicon Valley unicorns. Create hype, attract ever more dumb money and spend it all like there ...

Road cars are only allowed in road legal spec. Race cars are different group, you can ignore them when comparing ...

Hmm.... or maybe, just maybe, someone made a mistake entering data...

I was just about to write the same. Also, as added bonus, probably the worlds most fuel inefficient passenger car. ...

Fastest 4-door, both in laptime and straight speed.

New Tsukuba record, it seems!

Stock special edition BMW.

The Turbo name for electric car is corny. But most people won't have a clue (or care) anyway.

Apparently that 48 volt motor costs nearly 3 million (minus the cost of the custom body and interior). Isn't it ...