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added data for Hyundai i30 N Performance (Mk III facelift) and data for Kia Stinger GT

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added laptime for Lotus Elise Sport 240 Final Edition, data for Alpine A110 S (Mk II), laptime for Alpine A110 S (Mk II), data for Ferrari SF90 Stradale, data for Alfa Romeo 4C Spyder and more

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added laptime for Yamaha YZR-M1 (2021), laptime for Yamaha YZR-M1 (2021) and laptime for Yamaha YZR-M1 (2021)

6 days ago 

Its surprising how close these two are. Considering that Mercedes is more of a supercar (front/mid mounted V8 vs conventional ...

The top V6 CDI model. Maybe. And only in straight line.

Actually the Turbo S did very well considering the tyre difference.

Combustion engine ban? Are we going back to horseback and carriage next? It's not like electric propulsion can replace fuel ...

I think model years are strictly American invention. And seems to me they were invented by marketing people to make ...

Doesnt matter. It is possible to make a tank road legal if you really really go for it. Doesnt mean ...

Will delete

Fastest car in the world

The GPS track seems to be incomplete

Wow. Now this is something...

The problem you are describing starts to disappear when there is plenty of performance data from multiple sources. This not ...

Its not. The scoring is bananas.

I think beyond 3 and 4 generation they stopped adding the latin numerals to model names.

He takes issue with the testing methodology (see the thread below).

There are no slow V8s in 2021. We are not in 1980s anymore...

only big sound Are you kidding? Do you realize there are V8 engines with less than 200 horsepower? This not ...

And this Luxgen gave me Seat vibes... a little bit https://fastestl uxgen-s5-gt-225

I suspect this great result is partly due to how Automobil Revue conduct their brake tasting. While other magazines do ...

Looks like a bad run...

I like the front. And back.

What a shame... no lap times, thanks to snobbery of car manufacturers  

Sue them?


I'll see what I can do

Then why Autopista listed 417 PS as power?


As far as I can tell, it was timed with VBox. The same method that large publications use.

Looks good but I would want this on a new platform, in which case, following tradition, Lamborghini should give it ...

It is clearly marked as "Unplugged Performance Model S" or "modified Tesla Model S" in all laptime charts and these ...

Intriguing Taiwanese car photographed in front of Taipei skyline with Taipei 101 tower. Once the highest building in the world. ...

I always fall smart.

To be honest, the current 500 PS turbo version of Vantage is not slow or underpowered. Urus is just crazy ...

I think by this point it doesn't hurt anymore since Vantage drivers are used to getting beat by Urus. ...