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I think I saw somewhere Randy Pobst saying like in December or so.

720S Spider vs SVJ Roadster:  

SSC Tuatara vs Bugatti Veyron:  

He says modified SVJ, wonder what mods and how much power it has.

Dude I know it maybe hard for you but I am pretty sure you'll find more excuses and knowing your ...

10.4 was the fastest it managed on that wet day!

I think it is a system that removes spam comments.

Agreed, Carwow needs to get their hands on a customer car and see what it does.

488 Pista vs Huracan Performante vs 812 Superfast vs 720S Drag Races:  

SVJ vs SV Drag Race:  

You need to have a empty line between the video link and the comment. So like this: [Video link here] ...

Add -> Vehicle.

F8 Tributo vs 800 HP AMG GTS rolling race:  


720S Hockenheim GP Lap:  

That was done in wet conditions, with traffic and with a passenger while playing around with a 918:   ...

GT2 RS vs SVJ Rolling races:  

Because as of now they have only released like two videos (Audi TT RS lap video and the Lotus Evora ...

TT Circuit Assen laptimes:   All laptimes are shown at 02:25 time mark!

0-100 km/h in 3.4 sec 0-200 km/h in 9.3 sec Top Speed: 320 km/h https://www.ferr to/ferrari-roma/ share/tech-spec/ tech-focus

600LT Spider vs Huracan EVO Drag Race:  

488 is not Huracan EVOs competition, the F8 Tributo is.

918 vs 720S 1/4 mile races:  

Here we go I found a way to link it: https://www.ferr to/f8-spider/sha re/tech-spec/tec h-spec-focus Top right hand of that page has a share ...

That is my point as well.