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The Porsche 918 Spyder. https://fastestl ndianapolis-moto r-speedway-road- course

911 GT3 (992) Hockenheim GP lap:  

765LT vs P1 Drag and Roll Races:  

Ferrari 812 Competizione Performance: 0-100 km/h: 2.85 sec 0-200 km/h: 7.5 sec Top Speed: >340 km/h Fiorano Laptime: 1:20.00 https://www.ferr to/812-competizi one/share/tech-s pec/spec-tech-fo cus ...

I only mine Dogecoin ;)

Mendig AFB Circuit - 01:43.72

Add the SVJ laptime plz.

SVJ Mendig AFB Circuit Laptime: 01:43.72  

From what I have seen, that means the SVJ is clearly catching up to the Turbo S if they are ...

But no Turbo S has done 172 in the half mile, most likely the GT2 RS is dominant in the ...

Need to know the trap speeds at 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile. The Turbo S could be ahead of the ...

Turbo S will not walk the GT2 RS in a roll, or after 1/4 mile from a dig.

Wow, 272 km/h trap speed...makes sense GT2 RS is no doubt F8 level.

SF90 kept hitting the rev limiter in the rolling races (on board POV):  

Since the SF90 is mass produced, its not really a collectors car like the Senna so Ferrari can't give it ...

SF90 vs 765LT Drag and Roll Races:  

Rated for 765 HP at the crank, puts down 769 HP to the wheels lol

*991.2 GT3 RS

Lap video:  

F8 vs SVJ Roll Race:  

I think I saw somewhere Randy Pobst saying like in December or so.

On their Instagram page, click on the "MT" profile picture. It is no longer there but it was available yesterday. ...

MotorTrend is actually filming the Worlds Greatest Drag Race 10.

720S Spider vs SVJ Roadster:  

SSC Tuatara vs Bugatti Veyron:  

He says modified SVJ, wonder what mods and how much power it has.

Dude I know it maybe hard for you but I am pretty sure you'll find more excuses and knowing your ...

You know exactly what I meant, SVJ also got the jump (Yianni jumped on the first drag race and in ...

The 812 failed to catch it on one race and did on all the other 3, that is a win ...

Then explain why the 812 was catching the SVJ on the drag races from a dig? Admit it you are ...

That is still a wild card...not a stock 812 Superfast. Compare stock for more fair comparison. Carwows video is much ...

720S failing to catch the Pista would be due to Pista being more responsive than the 720S and there are ...

This wasn't just 60-130, it was more and if the SVJ was quicker it would have been reeling in the ...

10.4 was the fastest it managed on that wet day!

I think it is a system that removes spam comments.

Agreed, Carwow needs to get their hands on a customer car and see what it does.

No I am saying it could be a matter of time since we saw a 991.2 Turbo S doing it ...

Until a 992 Turbo S runs a flat 10, whats your opinion on that? Seen your other videos where a ...

Either case will be quicker than 10.29 done by Performante, so not on par.

You know whats hypocritical? You made a reply to a comment in one of your videos ( =8pSfvY_oZHg) saying: "I mean ...

488 Pista vs Huracan Performante vs 812 Superfast vs 720S Drag Races:  

Porsche 911 Turbo S Hockenheim-GP lap:  

You need to have a empty line between the video link and the comment. So like this: [Video link here] ...

Add -> Vehicle.

488 Pista vs SVJ vs 812 SF Rolling Race: