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11 months ago 

nothing... they knowed they could do sub 6:40min but their first try was under not ideal conditions... it was getting ...

Mending driver ...racer driver Christian Menzel laptime 1:51,30 min

M8 Willow Springs MT hotlap driver Randy Pobst 1:31.05min

Tsukuba 1:00.2

DCB Driving Center Baden laptime 53:89s (video time 14:42min)

laptime for the 911 GT1 (owned by Porsche Museum) DCB Driving Center Baden driven by Daniel Abt (Pro race driver) ...

laptime Road America GT2 RS 2:17.04min GT3 Cup 2:11.98min driver both cars Bryan Sellers (race driver)

The Alfa northloop laptime was cheated... on any other track it can hardly beat a TT-RS not to talk about ...

officle Audi number EU weight 1665kg (including 75kg driver) Curb weight 1590kg dry weight ~ 1500kg

laptime Willow Springs 1:24.66s drvier Randy Pobst (Mototrend) tires Pirelli street tires nothing fancy... 3.55s improvment over the 2015 ...

at the northloop only one rule counts.... it has to be road leagal in Germany (after Brexit no more track ...

Why does no one add laptimes ? ****ing shit race bike laptimes added which no one cares about but car ...

webcartop set some new laptimes at Tsukuba with Jaguar F SVR (575hp) 1:03.111min Audi R8 V10 (610hp) 1:02.214min Honda NSX ...

have seen a video of a guy doing a testdrive with this car in Hongkong with the new owner of ...

6 years ago 

added Apollo Apollo N

6 years ago 

added Audi A4 2.0 TFSI quattro

6 years ago 

added Kia Elan

8 years ago 

added laptime for Caterham Seven 620R and data for VW Golf R (Mk VII)

8 years ago 

added laptime for Ford Mustang GT (Mk VI 426 PS) and laptime for VW Golf R (Mk VII US-Version)