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12 years ago 

@Zenvo13 this car will rarely go 62 mph in India...

Mach-1 : this little car,if maintained properly can go over 100 kmh(62 mph)on highway all day long,it's engine revs to ...

LOL..Lp640 faster..

is this the famous B16B>>?

why the 355 gains after 160 kmh and why does it have a higher top speed with older technology and ...

@Ferrari_scuderia yea Porsche didn\'t have the best designers.......not even these days

0-200 in 6.8? give me a break.....they should do a test with VBOX

hahahaha faster than C63 AMG

DDriver VERY correct about speedlimits..and think about it that there are wayyyyyyyyy more cars then were in the 1930s..and the ...

faster than Evo 9 on a circuit? is that a joke?

@kyle hartley nope..SUPRA 2JZ=animal of all animals;) dad has an 1966 Fiat 850 special

the LFA is very slow for it\'s HUGE price 0-100 in 33 seconds with other exhaust..let\'s say in 35 with error

GTS is too expensive:P

an SS would beat the Veyron 0-200 kmh haha

Carrera GT and Porsche GT3 RS are my weapons:P

@Anon is the same thing....530 PS=523 hp and 638 bhp is like 648 PS..whatever

haha you go at night to their garages and inflate their tires too much so they explod or something? :)) ...

yes.Porsche will always be superior to a BMW;)

it has the ENzo engine downgraded to 620 hp

and the 458 is even better:P

R8 V8 got pawned BADDDD by Carrera 2 S PDK\'s a race on m5board..and PDK TUrbo is way faster ...

awesome track machine with very good sound(all Gt3(RS) have that).i wonder if this can beat a 997 Turbo tiptronic in ...

but that was the A8 not A7

some dudes put a Mercedes supercharger(if i remember correctly from a Kompressor version) on a Logan 1.6 mpi which had ...

well RWD,engine location:front and a lot of hp..i think you need to be careful with this car when driving\'s ...

Hello,i know there are a lot of car owners and enthusiasts here but i think there are plenty of bike ...

amazing car..i can only drive it and hear it scream in NFS Shift though:D

from side it looks just amazing...damn nice car

@monkeypop a Vortech supercharged SRT8 jeep humiliated an R8 V8 at the lights HAHA!

GTR+800 hp kit=best value for money :P but we better pray the tranny and clutch don\'t break haha

13 years ago 

added Dacia Logan 16V