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3 months ago 

Because making 4.2 FSi engine meet emissions was too expensive.

Yeah, its 340 ps or even 350ps. https://youtu.be /fJ5rmIcJBIY

And faster at any other track.

If you care about track times then you buy the Performance verison with Performance Parts equipped and not the weakest ...

Tesla roadster doesn't exist so it can break a shit. At most.

Clubsport without semi slicks?

Nurburgring is not made from only straight line.

It was on warranty. He could sell this crap but he was angry at Mercedes and he react this way. ...

It was very unreliable and dealer didn't want to repair or refund.


Is that a real time?

Looking at amout of body roll I can assume that it had air suspension in comfort mode :D

Or Chevrolet Corvette to Lamborghini Huracan.

R8 is far from being boring and slow supercar. And don't comoare luxury supercars to those cheesy chevys.

Old one probably had sport supension and the new one air suspension.

2 sec faster than the new RS7? Sure...

He tested this car and te results were what they were. Maybe Audi delivered for his test strengthened model just ...

BMW doesn't pay for Motortrand thats why results in german magazines are so different. This is real performance of this ...

It's oficial. Its last V12 7 series...

Pitty that it won't be continued. Thanks European Union! You should be destroyed.

R8 is worth extra cash for that glorious V10 engine. It wins with that engine alone. Vette is cheap becouse ...

Link please

There is no semi slicks for 23" rims.

That's marketing.

Manufacturer don't do negative camber because it overuse tires unevenly when car drives on public roads.

They will die for old age sooner :D

You should replace the GT-R for Viper then all of them would have NA V10 :)

Dont feed the troll

Its mk2 pre face lift with 610hp.

I dont care that some turbo ferraris and mclarens are faster at the straight line until R8 have NA V10 ...

R8 plus and Huracan lp610-4 wre pretty much the same. 4:05 https://youtu.be /TCalcybFImA And non GT-r is faster than those. ...

Its hybrid war. Just like Amaricans stops Huawei in usa and they have no logical arguments. For example Google do ...

If Huracan do 2.6 sec then Ave SVJ 2.5 sec should do with no problem.

It have worse track times. Obviously...

R8 will be even faster if track is full of corners.

R8 performance parts is not slower. But there was only 44 cars, so very limited and it was not cheaper ...

Even on the same comoarison test you can see that they push harder witch some cars and dont even use ...

Believing them both of those cars had Cup2 tires. And yeah, all those journalists track times are usless. They do ...

Being a boomer is much better than being a zoomer. Change my mind.

The wheels are to small for this body.

body type. Q8 is like coupeish version of the Q7.

It got suspension tweaks.

More data, please update 0-100kmh in 3.58 sec 0-200kph in 11.71 sec 1/4 mile in 11.85 sec.  

Ok never mind... I found better time for RSQ8. Auditography did 11.7 sec https://youtu.be /5m7r7h8SxyE

Maybe he mean R8 LMP1?

1 year ago 

added Audi A3 Sedan 35 TFSI, data for Audi R8 V10 Plus (Mk II), Audi R8 V10 Plus and data for Audi RS7 Sportback