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From Car and Driver's track test sheet https://www.cara nddriver.com/rev iews/a22885808/2 019-maserati-lev ante-v8/ 2019 Maserati Levante Trofeo Base Price: $171,475 Curb Weight: 5175 lbs Horsepower: ...

2016 Mini Cooper JCW Using my Performance Rating system: Performance Points: 504 (B Class) Performance* (MPH) 0-10: 0.9s 0-20: 1.9s ...

As a result of it being a heavy quadricycle, it escaped many safety requirements normal vehicles were required to meet. ...

That's an LP610-4 in the video preview but an LP580-2 in the actual video. You can tell by the shape ...

It's not Technica, I don't think. it's Tecnica.

There was also a mid-engined Viper, built in the mid-90's. Few pictures still exist.


Estimates based on other hot hatches

Yes-The European spec Bullitt.

A BMW M4 CS is also better handling than a Model 3 by a considerable margin.

When FIA regulations rendered prototypes unraceable, Nissan began developing a new race car based on their Skyline GT-R. The race ...

Only 50 will be made.

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In the US...

You consider 3439 lbs heavy?

The top speed is a manufacturer claim.

If I've learned something from this list, it's that ANY Brabus vehicles are very FAST. Even The GL63 Biturbo goes ...

How do you keep a data website with accurate data if no one ever updates it?

That's Zagato's famous double bubble roof!!!

Reventon was a production car... they made 20 ...

I don't usually like gearing limitations, but the higher final drive ratio must have improved acceleration. Just speculation, but perhaps ...

0-60mph in 7.7s

This is xlr-v

9min 'Ring time!!!

The numbers are 3.5s 0-60mph from C/D. https://www.cara nddriver.com/aud i/rs3

I saw this in person in Greenwich - utterly incredible!

Probably not - 9FF's time is probably conservative, so 0-60mph in 3.1s (es t).

Someone needs to bring back the Megane R26.R... Maybe with 350hp, LSD and plastic windows. Of course, with the cool ...

Liked the natasp LaFerrari better. But hey, that's why it's "The Ferrari". Still 950hp or 963 CV. Doesn't the LaFerrari ...

Three million, says evo

Tuscani Elisa?

I'm starting to imagine a Dart SRT Hellcat - perhaps with a detuned version of the Challenger Hellcat's S/C 6.2 ...

Does anyone remember the 820hp Renault Espace F1? That was ballistic. Anyway, Merc should make a V63 AMG or B63 ...

I'm guessing around 0-60mph in 9s.

I love this one! It has to be one of my favorite older Astons.

The same price used...

It was 493hp, right?

I thought the s55 shared engines with the g55? (Since 493hp)


Remember the audi q7 v12 tdi w/500hp?

I'm guessing it could be as low as 5.9s.

I saw one in person last week! Looks amazing!


That is a cool a90 first edition

0-60mph in 9.5sec (est.) Vmax 99mph claimed

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