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added data for Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 (R171), data for Lotus Elise 111R, data for Honda S2000 (AP2), data for Dodge Viper SRT-10, data for Chevrolet Corvette C6 and more

2 days ago 

please delete the 0-60mph, the 0-100mph and the 1/4 mile time, they were estimates https://www.cara nddriver.com/rev iews/a15130312/2 011-ferrari-599g to-review/

This is the US-Version

@fastestlaps if the topspeed is from Car and Driver please delete, it is an estimate too

@fastestlaps please delete the 209 mph topspeed, it is an estimate

They were driving way more than 200 when the car looks like that

@fastestlaps all Autozeitung times are made on the 3.63 km long track as they wrote in the 12/2010 issue. ...

@fastestlaps please delete all the supercars.net data, those are all estimates

The 4.3 seconds are for the DKG The 3.9 seconds are from this test: https://www.cara nddriver.com/rev iews/comparison- test/a15129211/2 011-audi-rs5-vs- 2010-bmw-m3-2011 -cadillac-cts-v- comparison-test/

I wouldnt call this an SUV, i would call it an offroad vehicle or an UV, since it is not ...

4 days ago 

added Lexus SC430

6 days ago 

btw you can upload it here: https://fastestl aps.com/add-acti vity

@fastestlaps please change the power to 205 PS not hp

Der BMW ist ja eigentlich die Cabrio version vom Supra


Auto Magazine Italy - 232 kph AutoTopNL - 233 kph Lambo2807 (idk if its trustworthy) - 236 kph https://youtu.be /EnFBcIV6D5M ...


Sport Auto messured 512 PS (due to low air pressure corrected 523 PS and 472 Nm). It has as much ...

@fastestlaps please change the engine description to Inline 6 turbo Mild Hybrid

i will add the whole magazine tomorrow

It looks stock ecept from the heavier seat

This could be a last edition aventador.

The Battery is horrible 64% of the issues are battery issues.

The third generation Smart is having lots of reliability issues. https://www.adac .de/infotestrat/ unfall-schaeden- und-panne/pannen statistik/sucher gebnis.aspx?pkli d=2&pstatid= 12

@fastestlaps please change the country to germany

its made by BMW M

@fastestlaps where are the noises from, i couldnt find the publication?

first car with a Manaual transmission

you can upload the laptime here if you want https://fastestl aps.com/add-acti vity

Thats a lot! Is this the most viewed page?

It would be intresting to see, how many views this page has

Porsche does not care if the GT3 is faster than the GT2 RS. They will probably sell more cars. On ...

nice Egane

@fastestlaps please delete the 1838 euro price

we currently dont have any lateral acceleration data for those cars

@fastestlaps please delete the S in the name, it is only a package

please add the 1 km from 196ss comment

RR-RRR-R1-RRRR Fireblade

Its road legal as you can see at the license plate

@fastestlaps please change the power to 409 PS and add 540 Nm of Torque

Its funny reading all these old comments

@fastestlaps i cant see all publication in the "others", it stopps at T

@fastestlaps, please change the specs to 2360 cc, 180 hp, 175 lbft, 9 speed automatic