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2 hours ago 

added data for Alpina B10 Biturbo and data for Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 Shooting Brake (X118)

3 hours ago 

added data for Mercedes-Benz C 300 T and Mercedes-Benz C 300 T

3 hours ago 

added data for Hyundai Tucson 1.6 T-GDI, data for VW T-Cross 1.0 TSI and Audi Q5 45 TFSI

2 days ago 

@fastestlaps, please change the power to 320 kw (with boost 336 kw) and 520 (with boost 770 Nm) as wrote ...

@fastestlaps, please delete the first photo, it is for the 1.gen

Why is this car named BMW CLA 250 in the link?

isnt this the same car as this one: https://fastestl aps.com/models/m ercedes-benz-slk -350-blueefficie ncy


@fastestlaps please delete the 0-60mph and the 0-100 mph and the 12.5 s 1/4 mile time they are estimates http://www.caran ddriver.com/revi ews/2013-mercede s-benz-sl550-fir st-drive-review ...

This is embarrasing

You can, if it was not added more than 24 h ago

"I think that it would be pretty hard to ever accept the Pontiac as a sports car. Sports cars have ...

i dont think it can do this time


This car looks so wierd

Porsche is testing 911s with raised suspention and different front bumpers and sideskirts

btw these are the same cars https://fastestl aps.com/models/v w-golf-1-5-etsi https://fastestl aps.com/models/v w-1-5-etsi-act-o pf

@fastestlaps please move it to alpina

this car is already added!

I just checked, its all correct they just came from different tests

Why not?

It was not a press car, it was from a dealership

Porsche doesnt offer a version of the Panamera that is capable of doing 354 kph

I meant Manuel lol

My second name is actually maunel

Manuell is actually german

Do you have a scan of the test?

It was from this 70 years porsche special edition from Auto Motor und Sport. The issue contains lots of old ...

Do you know which magazine that test is from?

Do you have a scan of the technical data=

Do you have a scan of the datapanal?

VW is going to make a cabriolet version

Only 300 were made and it was only sold in the netherlands

It will probably do 10.5 runs in the summer

@fastestlaps, please change the power to 700 PS

please delete the 0-60mph, the 0-100mph and the 1/4 mile time, they were estimates https://www.cara nddriver.com/rev iews/a15130312/2 011-ferrari-599g to-review/

Sadly couldnt find one till now

@fastestlaps, please delete, it was for the 150 hp katalysator version

I dont think this is a convertible

The street legal Rallye version of the 924 Carrera GTS

I cant change anything on the car page, i can only add performance data, you will have to ask fastestlaps ...