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added data for Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

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added laptime for Czinger 21C, data for Lada Niva Travel, Lada Niva Travel, data for Seat Arona 1.0 TSI, data for Hyundai Bayon 1.0 T-GDI 48V and more

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please delete the first picture

Automobile Catalog has very accurate estimates.

Those are estimates from Automobile Catalog

The tesla is currently the only sedan with a time. If you want you can add your lap here: https://fastestl aps.com/add-acti vity ...

clean diesel

@fastestlaps please delete, this cant be real

23 hp is enougth to add a seperate page

not really, daniel abt did 4.3 seconds from 0-100 kph in an costumer car, which is about 3.9 - 4 ...

Stock costumer car https://youtu.be /zyLhDkSHOHQ?t=6 71

Its a ruf engine not a porsche engine

@fastestlaps please correct to 3:18.03 https://web.arch ive.org/web/2009 0307045157/http: //www.auto.it/pr ove/alfa_romeo/1 59/2006/07-1510/ scheda/Alfa+Rome o+159+1.9+JTD+SW +

Do you know how long the track is?

already added https://fastestl aps.com/models/p orsche-cayman-gt 4-718

On which track?

Its from 1986

@fastestlaps please delete, its already added https://fastestl aps.com/models/p orsche-carrera-r s-2-7

@fastestlaps please delete

please change it to modified


already removed it

@fastestlaps please delete these comments from him

@fastestlaps please delete, it is already added for the 911 Carrera 4 GTS

the 0-240 is for the manual version and the 0-250 is for the PDK version

Automobil Revue always has bad acceleration times

https://fastestl aps.com/comparis ons/ojeooigsgol7

The figure 8 time was stock

around 290-300 kph

@fastestlaps please delete the first picture

Ignore the 9/2011 issue number. It was published in the 22/2011 magazine https://download .auto-motor-und- sport.de/Jahresi nhaltsverzeichni sse/Jahresinhalt sverzeichnis_201 1.pdf

nice Blender animation

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 N0

They had different tires as the rest of them

https://fastestl aps.com/models/m ercedes-benz-amg -gt-63-s-e-perfo rmance

its faster https://fastestl aps.com/comparis ons/fr18ksgfldll

you can add it here: https://fastestl aps.com/add-acti vity

In which issue was the test?