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I don't get it...

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https://www.cara iews/a17804645/2 018-bmw-m5-test- review/ BMW M5 600 hp 60 mph in 2.8 (vs 3.4 for Hellcat Charger) 100 mph in 6.6 (vs 7.2 ...

It's actually a modern-day Testarossa

Those results look very similar to Motor Trend's tbh

If a BMW 540i xDrive does it in 4.7, I believe this

Really dude? A Supercharged Z06 has 650/650.

Some cars shift a gear at 98 km/h

What happened?

question: why gt3rs and not gt2rs?

No, the Camaro does it in 3.9

It only traps 135 mph in the 1/4-mile. Even the Aston DBS Superleggera does 136. The ZR1 is not only ...

It's km/h you idiot. An SRT8 does it in 11.

296 hp out of 440 cubic inch engine. Imagine if this was produced today ;)

Slower than an IS F.

0-60 mph in 4.0 sec for a quarter-mile of 12.6 sec? Should be quicker than 12.6. Maybe 12.4.


You sound like the guy that cracks your mom jokes in college :))))

I-Pace should be compared to a Model Y and Stelvio in terms of size

Forza 7 IS a sim

Sort of. Not really. The only reason why the 812 is faster is because it has better aerodynamics than a ...

Which BMW M is closer to this Mercedes-AMG?

Which BMW M is closer to this Mercedes-AMG?

It's far behind even the M3 GTS, let alone the modern M4 CS...what the hell is wrong with that RC ...

TS is not a reliable source though, they either give estimated numbers or borrow numbers from some magazine source without ...

Just judging by laptime comparison, it's obvious that the Pista will smack the Performante on the 'ring

It does 9.6 to 200 in Top Gear https://www.topg /supercars/aston -dbs-superlegger a-vs-stopwatch

What's funny is that this is a manual only car vs an auto only car, and the SS hits 52 ...

11.3 @ 124 is bullshit.

Usually, people who use homophobic slurs are confused about their sexuality

No f****** way it's 160

He's clearly mentioning the older models

XJR = M760, S63/S65, S8 Plus

The way that you're writing, it doesn't tell me you have either an RS or a GT..

I'd rather use Forza as a source ;)

M5 is even faster than Hellcat Charger and AMG E63S

Yeah, sure it does

I don't get how the 650S and the 720S share the same laptime >:(

This, right here, is the American/Canadia n/Mexican-spec model. It does 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds, does the 1/4-mile in an alleged ...

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