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4 days ago 

so BMW M is?

both of you people are pretty one-sided/two-fa ced

This lap time is actually hilarious.

Hellcat sucks on track

Jag XFR-S weighs the same as US-spec M5


Lol then going by THAT logic the Bugatti Chiron isn't a hypercar either

This thing is an in-betweener SUV. It is bigger than the X3 M Competition, GLC 63 S, and Stelvio QV. ...

Actually they use them to get laid

How in the **** is this thing quicker if it has the same power and torque, but heavier than the ...

I think these two DO have ONE thing in common...

Like usual, Jaguar lying about hp. The Brits are still being CONNED. At least Bentley and McLaren didn't step on ...

Another prime example of Jaggy FALSELY RATING their cars. A 400hp Jag is more like a 300hp BMW than anything ...

Another example of the so-called "M5 rival" getting beaten!

The STR is slower than all, and barely faster than an E430

Not a bad comparison actually. Jaguar used BRAKE aka gross hp ratings vs Mercedes' NET ratings. The Jag's 390 hp ...

The STR had a sluggish automatic and shitty drag area, that's why it's slower. But it's a classic

So in reality the W213 E63 S is a rival for the F10 M5 Competition 600hp Pack?

My brother is a Democrat and he drives a Corvette Grand Sport.

@FastestLaps - Concept. Please delete this.

The Huracan is no longer a supercar, let alone in the same league as a 720S or Ferrari's mid-engine sports ...

Actually the correct curb weight is 1645 kg (for the Euro-spec model), which is far less than 3961 lb https://www.carf cations/models/c ar/?car=91047 ...

They're the same car, unfortunately

5 months ago 

liked FastestLaps post and tyler post

5 months ago 

I don't get it...

5 months ago 

added Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

5 months ago 

https://www.cara iews/a17804645/2 018-bmw-m5-test- review/ BMW M5 600 hp 60 mph in 2.8 (vs 3.4 for Hellcat Charger) 100 mph in 6.6 (vs 7.2 ...

It's actually a modern-day Testarossa

Those results look very similar to Motor Trend's tbh

If a BMW 540i xDrive does it in 4.7, I believe this

Really dude? A Supercharged Z06 has 650/650.

Some cars shift a gear at 98 km/h

What happened?

question: why gt3rs and not gt2rs?

No, the Camaro does it in 3.9

It only traps 135 mph in the 1/4-mile. Even the Aston DBS Superleggera does 136. The ZR1 is not only ...

It's km/h you idiot. An SRT8 does it in 11.

296 hp out of 440 cubic inch engine. Imagine if this was produced today ;)

Slower than an IS F.

0-60 mph in 4.0 sec for a quarter-mile of 12.6 sec? Should be quicker than 12.6. Maybe 12.4.


You sound like the guy that cracks your mom jokes in college :))))

I-Pace should be compared to a Model Y and Stelvio in terms of size

Forza 7 IS a sim

Sort of. Not really. The only reason why the 812 is faster is because it has better aerodynamics than a ...

Which BMW M is closer to this Mercedes-AMG?

Which BMW M is closer to this Mercedes-AMG?

It's far behind even the M3 GTS, let alone the modern M4 CS...what the hell is wrong with that RC ...