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That's too optimistic

I think McLaren will still rate the car at 217 mph. It is hard to get to absolute maximum speed ...

Only 20 secs slower on the track shows the true potential of the Mini

There's also an AWD base V10 which is even slower

It can't be slower than 1994 F1 >:(

You're right, the political spectrum of engines is measured by two specs: 1) liters per cylinder; and 2) horsepower per ...

ACTUALLY the jeep grand Cherokee trackhawk is more like the first supercar suv. this one came after

Yes, delete this one and the Z07 pack page for the C6Z

812 superfast is the second crappiest car on track, only hellcat/redeye is worse

those are horrible results, and 0-124 mph in 7.9 sec translates to about 5.5 sec 0-100

Why is an M2 even faster than Lexus's M4 competitor? the-2017-chevrol et-camaro-zl1-is -capable-of-200- mph/

It's the same with the BMW 740i here in America. 320 hp here and 322 hp in Europe


It reminds me of the old Bugatti EB110 Supersport

3 months ago 

added Bugatti Divo

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3 months ago 

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3 months ago 

Agree even as Ford fans were all getting tired of seeing that shity GT supercar that's so damn overpriced then ...

Novitec and Lanzante are the same as ABT, Alpina, Brabus, and Ruf, as well as AC Schnitzer, Carlsson, and MTM. ...

Plus it's not fair when a GT-R is put against ZR1. A GT-R even gets beat by Z06 after 160 ...

That nigga Castilla just here to seek attention

Its called 6.3 because of the 630 series race car from the 60s/70s

It is actually as fast as the Dodge Charger Hellcat, maybe a little faster. Defo faster than CTSV, M5 AND ...

Never said 2.0. I said the 330S with the same engine and wheels, made for the Aussie market..

Beta male

@mods Delete

They did, its called a hellcat

Willow time aint right for Boss

Can't wait for 2020 version

Judging by 1/4 mile, its more like a 12.5 0-200kph car like a folk here said years ago


The ZR1 is slower because it is heavier, rwd, pushrod, not dct, and due to the fact that Americans don't ...


This comparison is mostly a Euro spec 12C and US spec 488

The truth is that the M6 is underrated in horsepower.

This is meant to rival the Mercedes-Benz S560, Lexus LC500, and Dodge Challenger Scat Pack 1320..

5 years and 1 dislike later, and still no one believes you

Wait this is a mid engined Corvette Z06 with a twin turbo Ford GT engine. It's two cars in one. ...

Yeah but same 0-100 time and slower 0-160 and 200 times??

It can actually go way faster than that.

Just 1kph faster than a 7 years older ZR1. Sad):