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Everyone should know that the Viper ACR was never built as a straight-line kind of car, as it's actually slower ...

The LaF's 350 is not its real top speed, that is its limited top speed

XJ220 used a Ford engine and F1 used a BMW engine

You could arguably say that this was Dodge Challenger Demon of its time...

Ferrari surely LOVES the USA... as Lamborghini and Porsche stick to Europe "loyalty"

US-spec cars are heavier, that's why

This thing is a tweener. It rivals both the V6 and V8 versions of the Camaro and Mustang

Rated at 401 bhp in the US

This could be a spiritual successor to the Ferrari F40.

Ferrari F40 goes environmentally friendly!

LS6 did 13.1. Hemi CHARGER (not Challenger) did 13.5..

Cosimo can't get laid

I WISH they rated an S2 or S3 like this then posted a 0-100 time like that.

Except that's just 0-100. 50-100 or 80-100 is a different story.

Wow, that car definitely looks like it has long gearing. I'm very unimpressed that it is slower than the Euro-spec ...

It's not a supercar. Lotus is NOT an exotic brand. Americans love to think everything is exotic.

First off, that's not really true. Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz in the US are heavier than Euro counterparts

The gear ratios and speeds together don't look right. I put these into the calculator (2.77 1st gear/2.9 final drive ...

Ruf CTR, anyone????

Different magazine tests, and also the Euro-spec F40s are unofficially more powerful and also much lighter

Maybe this is the first time Lamborghini will keep up with the 700 Series McLaren

The C2 and C3 may be different on paper but in reality those 427 models are mechanically identical

It is not!!!! The SLR McLaren, CLK GTR, and AMG ONE are more expensive.

Enzo is "faster," but barely

That's Coupe vs Cabriolet! Had they put the NSX against the 488 GTB it would get demolished!!!

I thought tuned cars weren't allowed on this site? As other commentators mentioned, the Stage 2 was tuned, the Stage ...

Identical wheelbase with more doors, less luxurious (or at least luxury-focused), that's why. AND also RWD, which means less weight ...

Ferrari/Quattror uote's claims for 0-100 and 0-200 km/h may be based on rollout. There is no way that even on the ...

I have a feeling this is a modern-day Ferrari F40. Very lightweight, all-original design (not a copycat like Hennessey), also ...

It's basically a modern Diablo GT, of which the Diablo SV's chassis became the basis for. Likewise, the Aventador SVJ's ...

Very close!

Putting the McLaren F1's 11.1-second, 138-mph 1/4-mile result into context, I think the Gordon T.50 will do the quarter-mile in ...

It isn't. https://www.topg /supercars/t50s- niki-lauda-gordo n-murrays-ultima te-track-only-su percar

Is this going to beat the McLaren F1? It depends on the performance aspect. This will be slower than the ...

The GT2 RS should be the one compared to the 488 Pista.

McLaren's 243 mph top speed was downhill, not an average top speed. Also 242.96 rounds up to 243 :) ...

2150 / 852 is not "almost" more than half as much. It's WAY more than half as much.

It's street legal, but I believe that the 3300-lb weight is a dry figure..

I repeat, this is NOT a BMW M5 or Mercedes-AMG E63 competitor. I would say it doesn't compete with anything ...

Official USA specifications: https://www.pors ls/cayenne/cayen ne-models/cayenn e-turbo-gt/

1 month ago 

added Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT