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http://www.ultim ar/5006/Audi-R8- LMS-Ultra.html Ive never heard of a 4.2 liter V8 "LMS Ultra", but ill take your word for it.

7.55 min is BMW's claim, but it seems Eryk didn't allow any manufacturer's claims here - which is funny, since ...

Yeah, so let's all buy a 43,900 euro car that gets great fuel economy so we can save money....makes so ...

Eryk03 It doesn't take much attention to notice the bias occurring here. All of these cars that had their manufacturer ...

And my comment was immediately removed...I know it was you Eryk...stop it.

HUH? The GTR uses a 5 point harness on it's stock seats! I said they weren't compatible with the ZR1's ...

New entries require an on-board video, and a statement that OEM tires have been used. I guess they recently implemented ...

2 things.... 0-300 kph Top Speed 458=Smashed But yeah it should get more the 12 points for that track win ...

Why not believe the curb weight? It's all carbon fiber and has a 92.1 in wheelbase, I don't know why ...

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