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4 years ago 

im not saying it's beat the senna, im just saying if they tested the gt3 they should test the gt2 ...

There’s a GT3 but no GT2?

Too bad it ain’t a production car.

probably crash at the first corner

it's literally a race car

you mean ferrari and their press cars?

ah cosimo has already arrived i see

sport auto tested 6:58.28

sport auto 6:58.28

Funny how people can’t accet the video with the aventador S under identical conditions without proof otherwise. Identical conditions, both standing and rolling starts.

better focus on giving the 488 pizza more boost instead.

6:56.4 nurburgring

So it’s 1 second faster than a 20 year old 911 turbo with 420hp. That’s including improvement of the track. ...

Civic type r? :) Official 7:43 Sports auto 8:01 Golf gti club sports s Official 7:47 Sports auto 7:57 ...

can't wait to see it go against the gt2rs care to explain?

did i mention the standard turbo s is already faster than the huracan?

maybe it was the mustang convertible of its day:)

why is this comparison even a thing?

too bad all they do is facelifting a 10 year old car these days.

A panamera turbo sport tourismo will probably be faster lol

Mercedes should just remake the 300SL give it 800hp and sell it for 1 million if this thing is worth ...

Don't think the panamera rivals the 5 series. The panamera is a class above at over 5 meters long and ...

This gt3rs is a just a tuned pre facelift, the new one isn't out yet