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its not happening!

this car is fake! its not even coming out!

the 599XX EVO would trash the 812 on the track

well, yaa get your point but not really actually, it would be my JK Fire-Breathing Supercharger=210%more boost then normal blower. ...

i would put a blower and drag tyres and a few more parts on and tune it and make it ...


you'll know Hennessey never said his gonna actually do this car

i agree about BMW, they just known by everyone and overrated and people think its the fastest just like Bugatti ...

oh my days 8.8s???!!! can it even hit 200?

this is one of my favourites

yaa i think so😂😂😂

iv'e been offline a bit, wait what the hell, who is Nadia? i don't know why you gotta talk crap ...


the TA is one of the best Vipers

I know that!!! don't crap on me for this, Jesskoen is my name for my car now leave it alone! ...

if Koenig came first that means Koenigsegg is copying, even tho its his own sirname.

what about the Koenig?????!!!!!! and no! my name is not that close. Jesskoen Maniac. The Koenig is half a Koenigsegg ...

oooh i thought you meaning, like, don't make a C63 JK27

JESSKOEN AGRACIADA AIRE(C) i already did unique cars

oh no, that was an accident, talk it all again, please, be my guest.


i'm being sarcastic

and if you do (which you did) i can post and you can't delete

id still rather take a GT3 RS

wwooow wooww wow really OH MY WORD🙄😴

your ass!!!

Hey @FastestLaps, do you see that the Jesskoen Fireforay and other Jesskoens are just (not in production, BUT ARE REAL, ...

the Gemera trumps the Ferrari by far, its not even a game, its like PSG vs mamelodi Sundowns

(World record, (What he has to say about the CC8S and the CCR CC8S world record and more ...

the Viper deserved it and it got it

1% better lol... i would just take an SV and put a twin turbo kit on it

My JK 3P8, 6.2L, cast iron block and heads, with JK X-Air Camshafts,

everything from piston ring to wishbone, (side note)when you see something like Dodge Challenger JK27, it is not me stealing, ...

ok, i will you got my word, but maybe the Fireforay will be first to be made big, production and ...

i'm not selling cars yet, This Bugatti is not in production maybe it will never go into production, it is ...

the video was a 0-60 sim test

@ChironSS What is it doing for you to do this, do you feel better afterwords


don't try act innocent here! you know what happened i don't need to tell you shit. so stop taking my ...

the Agera would thrash everything out of that Bugatti on the track

there is no way the Agera R does 0-60 faster then the One:1, the One:1 is one of the best ...

fastest for its own class

there is one coming, the Jesskoen Alagera