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true, but i don't use V7, its 3P7.

did youll know that the LFA can pull 2 Lateral Gs cornering.

I take the Challenger, cause it's a Manual.

Good! true muscle from Chrysler. 6.4 Hemi Engines and all.

Almost 1:1 power to weight ratio

This one with a One:1 Engine is called the one of one.

a car from the future, so... right now we are in 2023 and this car is on the website ...

i'm not gonna try say whats the right what what... you just an idiot, it don't work convincing a fool. ...

you don't need to see me opening and closing the door.

what name is that? thats not my name, it's Jesskoen

show me

it's a pity it's 2 tons, the Jesskoen Alagera is 1 ton and it has 2.3k HP


The best truck!! the Viper!!!!


it's impressive that it can do over 7 Lateral Gs on skid pad... i mean, it's a 2 and a ...

it's not a V7



The Charger!!!💪

WTH! only less and less muscle, more and more german. 5 years time it will be no different to a ...

😂yess probably wont

What a good car!

this is funny... hahaaha cause i think they will be neck on neck on the track

yaa hey😂

it don't got a traditional crank shaft you would get on a 458 or a GT3 RS.

The BR67 Engine has JK X-Air Camshafts

and the Engine is so strong it can handle over 2000HP

the weight is 1590kg not 1628kg

i actually considered to buy this car, but idk

its not happening!

this car is fake! its not even coming out!

well, yaa get your point but not really actually, it would be my JK Fire-Breathing Supercharger=210%more boost then normal blower. ...

i would put a blower and drag tyres and a few more parts on and tune it and make it ...


you'll know Hennessey never said his gonna actually do this car

i agree about BMW, they just known by everyone and overrated and people think its the fastest just like Bugatti ...

oh my days 8.8s???!!! can it even hit 200?

this is one of my favourites

yaa i think so😂😂😂

iv'e been offline a bit, wait what the hell, who is Nadia? i don't know why you gotta talk crap ...


the TA is one of the best Vipers

I know that!!! don't crap on me for this, Jesskoen is my name for my car now leave it alone! ...