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4 years ago 

added Nissan GT-R, Subaru Levorg 2.0GT-S EyeSight, data for Mercedes-Benz CLS 500 4Matic Shooting Brake and laptime for Mercedes-Benz CLS 500 4Matic Shooting Brake

6 years ago 

added laptime for Nissan GT-R Nismo (R35)

6 years ago 

The car will be out Summer 2014 SOP: Feb. 2014 Price: 15 Million JPY

@Super8 if you drive to a racetrack with a GT-R (R35) the limiter is off. but a electronic speedlimiter was ...

i guess 2.8L is wrong. Official website declared it as a 3L Engine.

Supra has 13.788 sec 0-400m. (Best Motoring 1993 Video)

yep i think RE-11 & RE-11A is even better maybe as good as Yokohama's ADVAN Neova AD08.

so that's my JDM Video List https://dl.dropb ox.com/u/7080069 9/Car%20Videos%2 0-%20JDM.pdf

Tsukuba Laptime 1:05.05 http://www.youtu be.com/watch?v=q NIL2QkfmQo&t =7m59s

About the "top power figure for a 2 liter turbo" i think its a Subaru. 2006 there was a Subaru ...

Production: April 2012 20.9kgm(205Nm)/6 400~6600rpm

Was this model for US-Market only?

Let's see... a Nissan GT-R without any options cost's 7.8 Million Yen or so in Japan. Porsche 911 Turbo cost's ...

hmm didnt had the time to check fastestlaps.com and to be honest last couple comments got pretty nasty... hope people ...

1/4 mile time 13.187 (BM Feb 2008)

new 1/4 mile time for the SST version 13.498 (BM Feb 2008)

1/4 mile 12,937 (BM Feb/2008)

Amuse has a new Laptime record (modified) [01:00:292 on Tsukuba]

Kumakubo's new D1 car [img:1efd909d5e] http://aycu21.we bshots.com/image /41660/200360008 9258350230_rs.jp g[/img:1efd909d5 e] [img:1efd909d5e] http://aycu20.we bshots.com/image /37579/200367772 6204509917_rs.jp g[/img:1efd909d5 e] [img:1efd909d5e] http://aycu06.we bshots.com/image /38805/200363393 3632851325_rs.jp g[/img:1efd909d5 e]

Looks awesome (my opinion) 8)

R8 ugly? not for me...

maybe 2 much to handle for the database, just kidding ;)

well done Fasty :wink: P.S: Happy New Year!

maybe this one sounds more like the right one? http://www.carfo lio.com/specific ations/models/ca r/?car=33330

wow 1:40 for 5 laps thats pretty bad. very confusing... Hmm its a older BM for sure. i just wonder ...

is it possible to put the black pic from this car here instead of this one? the black pic was ...

The only thing i didnt like on the bug eye version, is the "bug eye". I still wonder why they ...

Takashisan u have some crazy movies :wink: btw what kind of car magazine is that? if its not a secret ...

Wads i think you need a japanese account and add CreditCard information. i dont really have a PS3 but i ...

does anyone have more information in english about Alfred Büchi? Few years ago i just found out that the Turbo ...

Ok sorry now you can really delete my last few posts. here this is the answer. if not just kill ...

all info's are welcome (from my side) :wink:

i think it makes sense to always add the condition if it was wet. So its fair. or else a ...