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5 days ago 

we don't have any third party testing for reference so it's all manufacturer claim

hopefully @fastestlaps recognizes them and adds them

https://www.topg /supercars/offic ial-hennesseys-v enom-f5-will-pro duce-1817bhp looks like the power needs to be updated, still no functioning prototype yet though

that's just capitalism working as intended, once again getting into Marxism, class conflict and internal contradictions of capital accumulation though ...

what do you think its 0-300 time will be?

Maja Udtian (21) set a new European record for Top Fuel at Santa Pod: 3.806 at 315.52mph they are literally ...

wonder what the drag coefficient of this is and what it could do with 1600hp (aftermarket tune?)

best looking hypercar? it's at least up there

this youtube channel does the standing mile sometimes: https://www.yout UCQKDgEAYylSy6fc E6bwD3EQ

can you run a simulation on the SSC Tuartara?

can you calculate if the SSC Tuatara can reach 300mph and with how much power left? Cd=0.279, power is 1750hp ...

2 months ago 

SSC have the most amount of numbers we can work with and even stated to Top Gear thst they would ...

@fastestlaps, can you make this forum a members only forum, that way you can ban trolls like dr. cosimo ...

do we have all of Duncan Tappy's laptimes here? or are we missing some?

new laptime: https://www.inst 2tQhU3S/

this needs to be updated

can't wait to see how the AMG One and Valkyrie compares

just stop it with the anti-semetism

the LaFerrari replacement is just around the corner, with this car surpassing the LaFerrari i wonder what the replacenet will ...

This is a comparison i'd like to see happened

agree, i'd love to see a proper comparison

fastest streetlegal car around the Eboladrome

add some numbers here

engineering explained has calculated the acceleration of the Agera RS using its 0-400-0 record run  

still no added laptime...hello, everyone has seen this beating out everything on TGTT

NEW LAPTIME: 7:09 around the ring:  

Of course Porsche has been lucky, in 2016 they nearly lost, in 2017 the Toyotas were on-par when it came ...

Can anybody add 0:59 around the top gear test track for the Renault R24? I've already added the R24 ...

@fastestlaps Toyota literally has the record for the most second place finishes without winning, it's on Wikipedia

Kamui Kobayashi set an all new record around the Circuit de la Sarthe of 3:14.791, beating the old record by ...

here are some videos that highlight the aerodynamic issue of no strakes and diffusers close to the wheels: https://www.yout hgXni_LUgwc /CKerNGiERTs?t=2 87 ...

Change power to 840hp

Doesn't seem to be as functional as the Valkyrie

918 vs 919 (mk2) btw, why is 100-200kph the only staright line data that shows up?

488 vs the enitire Mclaren line-up

laptimes from qualifyings are in! toyota: 1:38,21 (kazuki nakajima) toyota: 1:38,444 (kamui kobayashi) porsche: 1:40,5 (earl bamber) porsche 1:41,201 (andre ...

3 years ago 

added Porsche 919 Hybrid

3 years ago 

added Toyota TS050

3 years ago 

added Renault R24, Rimac Concept One, data for Aston Martin Vantage GT8, Aston Martin Vantage GT8, laptime for BMW M4 and more