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2 days ago 

Dragy top 180 100-200km/h, the Rimac Nevera is nr. 30 (excel grid place)

it is arguably a downside of making all of their ultimate cars to be loosely based on the 720S chassis ...

yes the Senna has relatively narrow tyres for its segment, it has narrower wheels than the P1 and almost equal ...

i'll give you another one: ZIL E-167  

given how earlier comparisons put the cornering of Senna to be on par with the One, that must mean Senna ...

why do we have 2 nordschleife lap times?

how does the downforce figure of this compare to the Senna's? quoting Top Gear The raw figures are astonishing: 860kg ...

or they could've rented Johnnny Bohmer Proving Grounds for a day/week

i'm rather disappointed that DragTimes are still sticking to 1/4 mile when these cars would really show what they're capable ...

Pagani: people loved the look of the Zonda and found the Huayra to be meh in comparison, so let's combine ...

expected this to be posted here after it was released

Top Fuel does it in 0,6 seconds

there are many possible straight roads to pick from, but all of them will be bumpier than an airfield ...

SSC Tuatara vs Hennessy Venom F5 at JBPG  

Mclaren Vision GT (almost) to real life

it's weird seeing Koenigsegg do a heritage model despite still technically being a young company

they need to give the car to reviewers and revive excitement in the car, that worked for Hennessey

from their "radio silence", apart from announcing new exhaust and striker unveil, they're probably gonna go for the record verified ...


They ****ed the video and GPS up I'm not stupid. This, they should've gone the Bugatti route when they first ...

you can also over-engineer an engine to the point where it can take more power than stock ie 2JZ, RB26 ...

yes, for the first race the 918 owner was basically asleep

CarWow test visualized pretty much equal up 100kph, then the 918 starts pulling away

i was hoping it was a rick roll

something interesting i came across While the Jesko Attack with its XXL wing generates 800 kilograms at 250 km/h and ...

ok, we can go down one class for more reliability 4000hp 250mph in 5,5 seconds methanol

would you prefer 11,000hp nitro-methanol instead?

Hitchens's Razor: what can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence

here i will actually agree with you Koenigsegg could claim something and without evidence or independent tests to back up ...

looks like Koenigsegg need to re-engineer the Jesko until there is a clear winner here

i have a 1999 Volvo S80 2,0L 163hp, i can average 6-8L/100km depending on road

notice that i made a mistake, it's a manual transmission

CvK did mention that he was inspired by a movie to build cars, remember which movie that was?

4 months ago 

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