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Paal arvid "polly" has not taken part in the texas mile event, but he has taken part in silver state ...

GPS company will review the data https://www.germ ttachments/ssc-p ng.526020/

why haven't these stats been added, they do have videos to prove it

followup video:  

something else to keep in mind is that the Tuatara was still PULLING at 331mph and the driver backed out ...


wait, that's the press image Top Gear talked about in a news segment, which episode was that again?

can you run the same calculations on the SSC Tuatara?

Fiorano does have a slight incline on the straight which would've affected acceleration slightly

0-300, 0-250, 1/4 mile and 0-100 data  

SSC is planning a cheaper/lower performance model than the Tuatara https://www.topg /supercars/ssc-w ill-build-little -brother-1750bhp -tuatara

pushing jobs back won't help when shareholders/own ers/executives demand profits, the system of capitalism creates a contradiction in it wanting you ...

does anyone have an estimate for what kind of power this would produce on E85?

top fuel does 500kph in less than 4

you say you like facts, but trump really has a habit of twisting things to his narrative: https://www.poli nalities/donald- trump/   i ...

here's another sub for you: https://old.redd rewolves/