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8 years ago 

I think the LFA engine would be awesome in this car. Random I know, but think about it.... Revs to ...

I always thought the trofeo r was available as an option. They need to be. For both Huracan and Aventador. ...

This is my new favorite match-up :D Choose your sides people :)

I think it looks a bit too similar, but less curvy, more edgy and for some reason taller than the ...

A new Z28 successor with Z06 engine will certainly put the camaro on top of the mustang.

I was all in for the idea of a new nsx. The name is legendary. But when I found out ...

I wanted a new Ford GT for years and now that its finally here, it doesnt even make me that ...

Drag race would be the only competitive category.

Read it again.

I hope it handles very well. We know it will be very fast in a straight line.

This looks better and is cheaper than the Z28 but I doubt it's as serious of a track car as ...

I saw a new Z06 customer car getting spanked over and over by a 2014 SRT Viper TA on YouTube. ...

I find this conversation funny.

This will be exciting.

I hope this TA gets optional semi-slick tires like the Z06 has.

That was for Piorun BTW. And I also disagree with the C6 Z06 not being a driver's car. Like wth? ...

Though I would expect corsa mode to dial out the untersteer.

But of course if you want to play online then GT6 is a must since GT5 no longer supports online ...

I expected this to be lighter.

Where is it? What happened to this car? Did it die before even being born?

I wonder which one is selling more in USA?

I will choose AMG GT Black Series. Oh yes i did!

Now i want all three manufacturers to make more hardcore track focused versions of all three cars. I still like ...

Why do people like you even exist? Smh

The one:1s got massive downforce and a set if pilot sport cup 2 tires along with the improved faster gearbox. ...

F-type R might be a great car but im sure its not a great drivers car. Its probably too tail ...

You mean you'll make your tears Vanquish.