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Did Huracan Evo beat Performante? Except for like 2 tracks

Just like Huracan Evo and Performante tho a little too soon I thought Urus S is gonna be a hybrid ...

You say "easier to obtain" like there is a lambo dealership inside every walmart or sth

"They did release bigger radiators in 2015 but that didn't solve anything" Since when you became a Lambo engineer clown? ...

You think people don't buy Ferraris to be noticed too? The latest coolest one is usually sold to the person ...

So long old friend Kinda wish we got some Aventador GT or sth with some 830 hp to be the ...

And you ain't cosimo

Hopefully Brooks will change that

Battries won't be a problem in a hotlap except if it's Nurburgring

I also never said it would outright beat them but "give them a good run"

Well as the Lambo nerd I must say you don't 'just' get a rebodied LP700 Well ofc 50 more hp ...

Yeah except P1 has an additional 100-150hp over both of the cars(even considering their power being understated) So P1 with ...

No 720S won't be faster

Wtf with that trap speed Lower than everything by more than 20 kmh??????

Wait sportauto had an account here

The most useless way to get power For example GT63 went up from 630 to 850hp but did the performance ...

I welcome you to Mercedes C6.. sorry C45 AMG E Performance


Same amount of time as your performance in tonight's circus



XM doesn't exist but it will Sooner than you think

You really are hostboy

Also the dry weight is 2033 kgs

It actually looks super nice Looks futuristic and Ferrari at the same time And about the Urus with a V12 ...

I'm just sad that BMW used worse tires in any track test for M5 CS and now this 2.3 ton ...

More like 1000 whp

Better than anything you own

As a normal human being, I wonder who gave a phone to a monkey like you as the emoji suggests ...

Yeah sometimes the numbers are all over the place

Yess finally Someone did it

At the end of the day you walk past that mustang after your school is over

Everything is the same Literally It's like R8 and Huracan

Well Porsche also uses the same exact rebadged Audi engine

  Yeah a test prototype on Nardo vs an actual acceleration test   If there's any funny thing going on ...


Nice review now turn off the xbox and sleep

Can you undo his like so that he can dislike again?

Actually I mentioned it in my Diablo GT1 article They upgraded from 5.7 liters to 6 for their GT1 project ...

Mention the name "Tesla" in a Taycan page and you get 3 dislikes per hour

Why can't we add track cars? One of the first things that we have to do when adding a car ...

AMG is much faster on the straights while not being any faster or slower in turns It's a little slower ...

AMG ONE vs Mclaren Senna at Hockenheim ring