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Does it have Toyota Crown's V12? Or at least the same block

A day late but happy birthday

Fun fact: Honda named the new Type R FL to draw Admin's attention from GR Yaris to Civic type R ...

Gonna do a comparison between this and SV and Performante I think the launch killed at least 0.5 a second ...

I think it's GT3's full Nurb time

So supercar performance: checked Supercar looks: checked Supercar price: no which is actually better

The new C6.. I mean C45 amg says otherwise

One thing about this is that it stops the timer at the near end of second gear which C8 hits ...

I so much want an AWD version of Techica without the added weight

Can I have all 3?

I think the non Z07 Z06 is a better rival

They aren't exactly rivals

Not Veneno But Lamborghini Asterion Yes the car itself didn't make it into production but it had a running prototype ...

"that is why they have been hiring a Ferrari SF90and 296 GTB" how much an hour do they pay those ...

Don't want to be one of those "corvette is poor man's Ferrari" guys but this is pretty much a budget ...

911 has 60hp less but also has AWD and is more than 200kgs lighter (1560 vs 1780 kgs)

Engine type 5.0L Supercharged V8 Displacement 5.2l

Bruh 14.1 for Mach 1 is like it's standing still

@corvolet3 could this be why it's so slow compared to others?

Well camaro was it's only rival and it's slower so kinda ok?

Not just track performance Also roll race capabilities

Zonda isn't that much faster Not -600kgs faster

There are two things in play here 1 gearbox 2 claimed figures I don't think there is any way for ...

On speedo maybe On GPS it could do like 210 max on best conditions if it really has 650hp ...

Huracan Performante is the greatest modern Lambo yet in my opinion It's a perfect package of sound/performance/looks/driving experience

Not even a 10 hp power bump?

Any onboard video of this lap?

Hunching mard

No add 7:53.11 Nurburgring time

12C wasn't at all faster in any drag or roll race before the update After the update it got closer ...

Chevy doing Nurburgring factory laps while Porsche only did magazine laps Different times huh


Lamborghini Urus is just a VW Touareg underneath

Well GT3s are about 100/150 something kgs lighter than Turbo/Turbo S or models based on them So I don't think ...

Well in his defense, he has to learn the tricks of launching every car when he's doing these runs for ...

They really put Forza wing and front canards on F5 And surprisingly it fits nicely

Isn't this car just a 488 Challenge racecar underneath?

I hope it gets some bit of Senna's amazing track setup too

720S could beat it It did 217 in the NASA runway GPS indicated Also 765 doesn't have that much drag ...

This guy has an Aventador LP700 as well and has done 363 kph speedo with it I believe

Back when Audi had the performance advantage

Well it wasn't always about the redline in Lamborghini vs Ferrari V12s 599 GTO has a higher redline than Aventador ...

The Asterion Prototype was basically an Aventador with Huracan's powertrain and 3 electric motors and I have read that the ...

I don't think the redline would be at 10k rpm But 849hp V12? Yessir

It's just like some gas powered race cars for the road which sip fuel like crazy Take F1 LM for ...

They made an actual prototype and tested it 610hp+3 electric motors=910hp Too heavy tho It weighed 1730kgs dry

If you wanna put things that way, many companies wouldn't exist if there wasn't a parent company funding them The ...



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added data for Aston Martin Vantage (Mk II)

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added data for Audi TT RS Coupe (Mk III), laptime for Audi TT RS Coupe (Mk III), laptime for Porsche 718 Cayman S and data for Porsche 718 Cayman S