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It is But GT2 RS had 3 record attempts It would be nice if others had 3 attempts too ...

Another case of "ooo 9.6 seconds to 200 only? Ha what a slow ass car"

Uhm 2019 is older than 2021 can't you count? Well what can you expect from a kid Speaking of old ...


Good morning bro :)



If there is any owner like that......

750 is too much I think 700 would do the job

1716 kgs??(1640kgs if the driver weighs 76kgs) Expected it to be way lighter

Honestly Do you wake up every morning like "lets see what Fastestlaps users have said about Lambo or Porsche and ...

And I didn't mean straight line performance at all

Can't wait to see some track tests As slow as it might be

Holy mother of the price tested

Can I know the source these tests please?

Guys relax It's that all electric model coming in 2025

Why is this lap saved as a Road and Track Issue?

Who's Cosmo lol

No I meant the entry level Mclaren you said not Emira

Basically the rival to C8 corvette

I wonder if they'll make an electric version with some 800-1000hp since it looks like Evija

I think it's 123.9 mph not km/h

Bugatti? 8.70 on street   A little bit more juice and maybe bye Rimac :)

Sooner than your mom's 992 beetle gt3 rs :)

Ah yes 223 kmh into corner while having a 237 kmh top speed

Just as it should be

If you are the real guy nice https://www.inst hSLJGnj/?utm_med ium=share_sheet 360 kmh on speedo

By 55kgs...

2021 FOS times   That Mclaren is Fu*kin fast

  Headphones recommanded :))

Well considering the fact that there's just 600 of them overall, you might be right

Aventadors are much more accurate than Huracans in terms of speedo

Well in that regard You should compare it to Aventador S which has similar structure to this It's about 5.1% ...

Much less than VW 911 :)

Less than 10 secs away from the record Nice

We had German haters Italian haters All sorts of hypercar haters (egg haters, bug haters etc) And now British car ...

There is no downhill in VW's test track

Oh wow You so butthurt the whole Australia wild fires put out themeselves for being too cold Also the mention ...

"The SF90 isn't based on any current Ferrari" Ight At least Lamborghini kept the name instead of rebodying and calling ...

Well they say it here anyways  

Well F8 and Pista are literally the same exact car One is just heavier And even if we go back, ...

Well not that they really changed the car in 488 or even F8 Same platform After 488 same engine Hell ...

Less than 911s and 458s around :)

You didn't see the next lap did you? 1:47.33



10 months ago 

added Lamborghini Diablo VT-R