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I wish they indicated it somehow because now everything is just messed up in my mind Because which one did ...

Don't smile at me like that lol Also does dragy include rollout as well?

Dragstrips do not include rollout

I would like to see someone racing them properly because Laferrari has a tricky launch system


Gebhardt has more experience on Hockenheim whereas Englert is more of a Nurburgring GP guy as he did a better ...

I should try this

Hmm The slower car being faster? What were the tires?


I mean more power and nearly the same weight Turbo S has 740hp and thanks to electric motors, instant response ...

Ha Ad popped up


Just WOW 9.3 in a factory Mclaren

Wdym road worthy?

@fastestlaps can you add this to the stickers?

Also very bad sound quality

Huayra BC did 1:28.5 with Randy himself driving  

I don't call him a karen

You forgot that SV was on Pzero corsas? It lost to some cars like 488 and Huracan LP610 because it ...


They did those in need for speed games lol

Finally a test

Aren't they gonna do another lap or sth? They said they would do another lap with Aventador SV on Trofeos ...

Didn't say Mclaren wont do these He also got almost 760-770hp from his car on dyno

GT500 vs C8 was rigged af

It means that (in this case) Porsche is providing Magazines and famous testers some presscars to review or race For ...

Same for you and I hope you stop hating Lambos one day

  Randy backing off at 5:32 and 13:24?



Huracan Evo won Motortrend's best drivers car award!  


Bruh this joke is dead

I started? Dante was the first guy to start this However he's gone now

It's not me You can ask FL

Bro Do better next time with the fake account shit Porscheshittini? Lmao I never hated any car or brand except ...

Just stop talking to yourself

At least they are more honest now than 4 years ago

Merry Christmas :>

It's like Novitec made a kit for Senna Especially the front

  Everything is delayed From a game To a world record Guess no one wants to give 2020 anymore credits ...

Glad someone else figured it out

You are a pencil What do you know about cars lol

What did I do to you? lol

Thanks for free advertising

If yall work together maybe you can make this car real

If only Carwow ppl knew to warm up the tires

That's a normal R8 not V10 plus or Performance Also a guy with a username Mozzart should have a good ...

3 months ago 

added Lamborghini Diablo VT-R