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  Some rolling times Capristo exhaust

Will you add or use a seprate page for different aero packs? Like for adding laptimes and acceleration times It ...

"0-60 2.4 2.5 est" With a 1 mile rollout yes

670hp???? Literally the engine 488 should have had when it came out

Funny that this video is still up

Or a VF supercharger kit

Like it already wasn't fast enough stock


The Whole Mexico is considered a private road lol

Chiron vs Speedtail rollrace Also some Laferrari races in there aswell  

There are 4 fiats on the trending list at the top 4 And then there's a Pagani at 5th :)) ...

760 is nowhere near Zonda R Just how Huayra imola is to Huayra R with the exception of the engine ...

Oe getting paid by VW and Lexus :P

Well maybe not racing series but track toys only For now at least

Just add a racecar/track car seperate page We will take care of it

GT BS dyno run   776hp at the crank


Not bad but I rather having this   0-100 2.48 secs 0-200 6.73 secs 0-300 17.5 secs



Theres no way that Audi has 800ps 700 the most

Lets see some of those mobile GPS generated acceleration numbers            

Even without rollout it's still 2.5 0-60 2.6 0-100

Shame he didn't do a 1/4 mile test

2.30!!!! Holy mother of bug

"Lamborghini underrates their cars" What's next? Mclaren 720S makes 710hp? 911 Turbo S does 9 sec 1/4 mile times? ...


Yeah yeah ight

Jeoren did a great job tho He kinda missed the first turn but he was as quick or even faster ...

Well the same fax machine was the fastest in straight line among the holy trinity and later had 15 track ...

If it's true then someone needs to get a spank at the marketing department Both attempts to prove that STO ...

A tribiute to GT1 with SCV12, Porsche 935, Senna GTR and 720S GT3X There's also an FXXK Evo,a P1 GTR ...

Yeah when the lap begins with a standing start and not a rolling start

I think the wheelbase is also the same between Sesto and Gallardo

I wouldn't go that far It looks nice Koenigsegg has not made any ugly car YET

Well they also made the Gallardo Supertrofeo which was also based on Gallardo's drivetrain and gearbox And I'm pretty sure ...

See it for yourself   0:12

More like assplug howl every supercar in existance

I smell butthurt

I know They should have just named it 720S GTR

I really wanna see a Sesto lap on full slicks Because as it was shown in the review, It was ...

DBR9 1:08.6 And another Mclaren being the fastest

Jeremy clarkson type Puh-zhoh

If you mean rolling acceleration in 7th gear then yeah right

Would be fun if they see us shet talking them out lmao

Good thing I saved it then lol

Now hold up It beat Senna on the track???? How is a 1.6 ton 1600hp hypercar beating the fastest track ...

It's basically the same car as this https://fastestl uf-ctr3-facelift

Time will tell but it did a 5.9 sec 100-200 km/h which is slower than Performante's 5.7 sec time Also ...

1 year ago 

added Lamborghini Diablo VT-R


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Hoppelmoppel123 43m 

added data for Hennessey Viper Venom 650R

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Hoppelmoppel123 52m 

added data for Toyota GT86, data for Mazda MX-5 2.0 (Mk IV 184 PS), data for Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary, data for Hyundai i30 N Performance Fastback (Mk III), data for VW Golf GTI TCR (Mk VII facelift) and more

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Hoppelmoppel123 1h 

added laptime for Toyota GT86, laptime for Mazda MX-5 2.0 (Mk IV 184 PS), laptime for Hyundai i30 N Performance Fastback (Mk III) and laptime for VW Golf R (Mk VII US-Version)