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Well Senna's Spa lap wasn't even done by a Magazine It was done by an owner while Huayra BC's lap ...

I don't think any car rn can beat Senna on track yet..

The fact that most of the lap was done in 2nd and 3rd gear at like 5000 rpm...

488 GTB's time is an estimate and Performante also did 1:17.17

Go charge your vaccum cleaner fanboi

"Fastestlaps does not have enough data to conclude this" Well that sucks because I think Jesko is in big trouble ...

I can make a better one

9500 RPM

Well that makes the two of us :))

Also 2 passengers in a random day I'm sure it can do an 8.7 at best

So like slightly lower than Trofeo R That's still good

What difference does it have compared to Trofeo Rs?

765LT Laguna Seca 1:27.904  

That should be cool during summer Literally cool



Everything's back yay

It's a good car It just needs some upgrades

Still made the hood out of exposed carbon which is appreciatable

That's because it has no difference from the old one

It's the correct thing tho You are doing a lap not 99% of a lap

GT-R Nismo 2022

Multiply by 2? I thought you multiplied it by 3 or 4 2 is too low

This also did 272/273 crossing the line

It did 273 while crossing the line

He was bringing money to VW in disguise

He said it? Ok Well if that's a 991.2 doing 10.8...

Please add SVJ's Mendig Laptime

Except Huracan Performante is faster at around every track by 1-3 secs so over long distance, 992 will just be ...


  Is that a 991.1 or a 991.2?

aaand here goes my finger again Sorry

Also BTW 18081 1/4 mile times

I love how it has 3 dislikes and the video is deleted

Yes lol I copied that as soon as I saw it and then remembered to post the link I wanted ...

  502hp on dyno

Godzilla vs Kong Batman vs Superman Cosimo vs Porsche fanboi with 2500 followers

Or this  

It's a Twitch thing Whenever something good happens or a thing is good they say POG, or This is POG ...

These tests make my soul feel happy again


I mean it's a Yaris afterall

Well I certainly know that whatever it is, it's better than the other tests

Why not using the current V8?

It's the Motorsport Magazine test I think SVJ did 277 km/h 0-100 2.9 0-200 8.5     0-100 2.7 0-200 ...

I wonder why don't they make a V8 version of the current R8

6 months ago 

added Lamborghini Diablo VT-R