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Yup Sport Auto magazine times are always around 10sec slower than factory times. BMW could easily achieve 7:25 with a ...

Slower than a manual gearbox M2. Better luck next time, Elon https://www.yout 9Pu9046wX9g

But there is a regular M8 with 600hp just like the regular M5.

RS5 8T 1725kg, RS4 B9 1715kg and B9 has way more torque Lmao

Equal with the naturally aspirated 9 year old RS5, nice ''progress''

Equal with the old gen E90 M3 and C63 AMG, this is just embarrassing

good result, needs vbox though

It means it has the 4.0 TFSI of course

This trap speed is incredible. Fastest 4 door car.

250ps/1.8 ton and trap speed as fast as a Ducati?

Nurburgring Supertest coming 10th May.

Some new lap times here http://zeitschri ild-sportscars-a pril-2019/

It's the pinned comment by Sport Auto https://www.yout yJTU0B90Cl4 issue 11/2018

BMW M test driver Jörg Weidinger did a lap time of 7:50 on the Nurburgring.

C63 S Coupe 7:44.13 https://www.yout jkdtz4gqXf0

Better than M235i

Considering all aspects the best sports saloon of all time, still getting benchmarked by Hyundai/Genesis, GM and BMW themselves for ...

that was probably the rwd model, M140i xdrive exists