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Nurburgring 8:05 -motor-und-sport .de/news/erstkon takt-bmw-x6-m-un d-x5-m-auf-der-n ordschleife-so-s chnell-wie-der-m 3/

F80 M3 is nearing the end of its lifespan and, despite all the criticisms and attempts by other manufacturers, nobody ...

Sachsenring time 1:33.93 0-100 kmh 3.1 0-160 6.7 0-200 10.3 0-250 17.5 0-300 32.8 https://f90.bimm s/showthread.php ?t=1554400

All of these times are kinda slow Bad weather?

Holy paranoia wow

P100D does 0-200kmh in 12.0s and 1/4 mile in 11.0 according to SportAuto https://www.flic dethecollector/3 5933846802

Alfa never even provided a Giulia for the SportAuto supertest because it would be bad publicity lol

You're just further contributing to the consensus that Mercedes fans don't know anything about cars but only care for the ...

Nobody really picked the RS5 over the M3. RS5 sales were abysmal. Even the W204 C63 sold around 50% less ...

I think the Euro M2 performs worse due to the petrol particulate filter, it's just that BMW doesn't advertise it ...

it got unveiled today and the offical specs are 382hp/500nm

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