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added laptime for Ferrari LaFerrari

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http://www.6spee ms/gt3-gt2/49432 -mclaren-f1-sale -10.html#post607 836 Post # 138 http://performan ums/archive/inde x.php/t-67211842 .html To have all detail you need to read pistonheads topic http://www.pisto ng/topic.asp?h=0 &f=226&t =226933&mid= 0&i=0&nm t=Flemke+%2D+Is+ this+your+McLare n%3F&mid=0

@Saxy It's not a replacement. It's what is known internally as 'versione speciale' like the 599 GTO was for the ...

@fastestlaps See at 0,58s on the video. These are Dunlop semislicks, not Pzero More seem Porsche like to joke about ...

I 'll call it questionable, However, Mal 2-2 miraculous return does seem to be quite timely. I remember that Spat ...

Update to ABS and TCS coming, which will be rolled out to all 375 cars at service intervals. At present ...

@BR2+ No Trofeo R are not optional even in europe. The front Tire size homologated for the gallardo is the ...

So im a bit confused. This new Ferrari 488 will be a 4.8L v8? It's the displacement in cubic centimeters ...

Macca fan are tireless :-)

@F355 Tire are PS2 K1 (not PS3)and the time refers to full lenght (20,800Km) https://fastestl ordschleife-full

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added laptime for Ferrari 458 Speciale, laptime for McLaren P1, laptime for McLaren P1, laptime for Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C7), laptime for Ferrari 458 Speciale and more