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added data for Chrysler 300C, Chrysler 300C and data for Mazda CX-9

11 years ago 

added Mazda CX-9

11 years ago 

This is the same exact one that they have in the USA its called Lancer Evolution GSR.

Ive been in the beamer, benz, and the Lex. Personally I gotta say that being behind the steering wheel of ...

The bhp is wrong. Its 402 for this v8. http://www.fordv /mustang/specifi cations/engine/

The car is slower than Honda Civic SI!!! How is this possible??

The horse power is 328 not 306. http://www.infin an/specs-options /?next=G_Sedan.M odels_Pricing.Sp ecs_Options

The hp and the 0-100 timing is wrong. http://www.cadil jsp/model/landin g.jsp?model=ctsv &year=2009

0-100km time is not correct, its 4.5 sec. http://www.bmwus ontent/Vehicles/ 2010/M/M5Sedan/F eatures_and_Spec s/M5SedanSpecifi cations.aspx

The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione looks like a bug. The Audi R8 and the Maserati GT are number one. They ...

Put the Nissan GTR. I wanna see what will happen.

LOL RL is faster?!?!?!!? Very funny.

This is so not right. GTR is alot faster than the ZO6, there is a big mistake with these calculations. ...

I would lmao if I see a dude with his girl sitting in a porsche and a GTR blows the ...

Nürburgring Record: http://www.caran ews/hot_lists/ca r_shopping/lates t_news_reviews/2 009_nissan_gt_r_ sets_nuerburgrin g_record_u_s_sup ply_confirmed_ca r_news