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What idiot put the lap in at 1.42.8 seconds! Change it, please!

Why is the Nordschleife time so slow...?

I'd definitely get the Cayman. It is much better looking than the others (except for the Elise and the 911). ...

Please fix the Nordschleife laptime so it doesn't say 1st place, it says 217th place.


The review on Top Gear was hilarious! James really doesn't know how to drive fast... :)

Why is the CCX ranked after the Caterham R500 on the TG track, even though it was faster?

It is official, the 911 is now faster than the Carrera GT. I'm not too surprised, because the GT2 is ...

What I would like to see is: Ascari A10 Aston Martin DBS Caparo T1 Ferrari F40 Ferrari F50 Gumpert Apollo ...

0-60 in 3.3 seconds http://www.caran ng_guide/ferrari /599gtb_fiorano/ 2008_ferrari_599 gtb_fiorano/2008 _ferrari_599_gtb _fiorano_feature That thing is seriously quick and WAY better than a DBS.

0-100-0 in 9.4 seconds http://www.youtu earch_query=ulti ma+gtr

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added Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

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added Honda Pilot 4WD