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http://media.car anddriver.com/fi les/ford-svt-mus tang-cobra-r.pdf

  Top Speed 316 km/h tested By Automotorsport

993 GT2 Best looking porsche ever !!

BMW Nazca C2 993 GT2 Silver or white Ford GT, 993 GT2, Honda NSX-R 993 GT2 :D

F40 is unbeliveable ! Over 20 years old, "only" 478hp and 31 sec to 300kmh !!!!! 8)

GT2 all the way !

GOOGLE :lol:

I had a great day on Friday..... some of the cars spoted: Tesla Sport SLR Stirling Moss Roadster SLR 722 ...

ofcorse Murcie ! I think zr1 looks poor next to Murcie :lol:

You Should Drive a Ferrari "Sleek and sexy, style has a lot of importance in your life. And you'll pay ...

I'm with you ! It's ugly :S

Many of new cars look just so ugly ! I think best cars came from 80's and 90's. Yes there ...

Can I add cars wich have tuned by some company ? Example Brabus, Koenig Ferrari/lamborgh ini, Hennesey, Venom,Edo Competition ..... ? ...

Why we can't add concept and prototype cars ?? I added BMW Nazca and now It's deleted :( :x :evil: ...

NO Its not old . It's just legendary 8) I wouldn't never take Nissan GT-R over 997 Turbo. 911 Rules ...

Where is the Ruf CTR "Yellow Bird" ?

I would take 993 GT2. I think it's just better looking than new porsches (In my opinion) :D But those ...

First I would take CGT, then SLR 722, Murcielago LP670. I Haven't never liked Enzo, I just dont know why ...

Unbeliveable performance with "only" 345hp. Faster quarter mile than 506hp m5 or m6 !

ok, Thanks !

Mustang Shelby GT500, I think on of the best looking cars ever !

http://www.youtu be.com/watch?v=M ysTAriON9U&f eature=related quarter mile 11.293 and 203.6 kmh

http://www.youtu be.com/watch?v=M ysTAriON9U&f eature=related quarter mile 11.109 and 204,9 kmh

either that or i just found out you can get a 550 maranello for that cost :) Same here ! ...

F40 Venturi GT400 993 GT2 997 GT3 BMW Nazca 550 Maranello

Z06 all the way !